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Mattson cards in 300 format
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Author Mattson cards in 300 format
Just a (probably explored) tip.
George Mattson's mini modular cards mount perfectly behind a 300 format panel. Gives an easy DIY path for utility modules. Because all I/O and pots are on headers, it is possible to adhere to the 300 layout.
That's good to know.
Have you had any experience with Mattson products?
Considerable. Mini Modular was a great synth. I only sold it to get funds for the 300 synth. Some of the features available on the MM were missed, and I am building some utility modules to regain them. George's sample and hold cards and his noise generator with slow random option are must haves. The buffered mults are great for pitch CV routing. His dual LFO is great (somebody else is selling a card on the BST) but I have the Wiard LFO utility for the 311C.

I was happy to find such an easy way to keep the 300 layout with prebuilt/tested cards. And it still ends up cost effective, even with engraving and anodizing.
That sounds really promising.

Do you have any pics of what you're building?
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