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Deerhorn Organ, vids
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Author Deerhorn Organ, vids
Picked up a Deerhorn Organ couple weeks back. This beauty is sooo good MY ASS IS BLEEDING Thought you might be into hearing couple demos I recorded with it.

Recorded this right out of the box. Three little takes, change pitch in the second and in the third take its hard panned left/right. Using the Main Mix output in all three takes, the left/right Deerhorn also have their own stereo outs too.

Here I patched it up to trigger/control a Plumbutter2, just banana jacks between the two instruments. I patched outs from the PB back to the FM inputs on the Deerhorn, so these two were pretty much playing one another. I recorded two little bits while enjoying the patch, changing the snare setting in the second take i think.

And here is running the Main Stereo Mix out into two different pedals. One channel is into a Montreal Assembly Count to 5, the other channel is into a Red Panda particle.
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