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sinusoidal wavefolder
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Author sinusoidal wavefolder
yes, i think you are right again. but, its not a fixed offset, its actually more like a unipolar gain, so the offset needs to scale with the amplitude. with the triangle wave, the peaks of the triangle wave have to conicide with the peaks of the sinewave to get a pure tone. each time you amplify the waveform so it can stretch to another peak, you get another harmonic. but, if you amplify in a bipolar fashion, the triangle wave extends in each direction, so you have to go an extra peak in each direction, so an increase in 2 harmonics. if you start in a position that gives the 2nd harmonic (by adding a fixed offset), you can use a bipolar amplification to give all the evens. but, if you use a unipolar amplification, so you only stretch your waveform in one direction, you can get all the harmonics up to the 12th i think. this could be accomplished by adding a DC offset to the input triangle wave, so it goes from 0V to 5V, and then run that into the VCA input. if you add a negative 5V CV to the MOD input, that will rest the 0 point to the beginning of the sinewave shaper, so you can get all 12 harmonics, and not just 6. ill have to try it out, as thats pretty crazy if it works.
Bartimaeus wrote:
Did this ever make it to Synthcube? I'm not finding anything when I search Sinulator.

we do have the sinecore pcbs here, and hope to have the sinulators here april/may 2019
just tested out the triangle wave + offset setup, and it does give 1-13 harmonics. the harmonics get a little shakey, as both offset and gain need to be perfect for a perfect alignment, and its a pretty wide range for that sort of precision.
That's fantastic. This circuit is wonderful.
I bought one of the retail WOMS units, and it is a fun little beast.
Rob Kam
There's nothing about the Sinulator at Synthcube nor at WOMS?
sorry about this. the first units were on sale at perfect circuit, but those sold out, and there has been a delay in getting more in stock. i know WOMS has them in inventory, they just need to get to the distributors.
This looks like an awesome project. When they become available again, I'd be interested in one.
ill keep you posted. should be ready later this week.
me too please? Ive been looking at this project for ages
brilliant smile
Is this similar to how the Happy Nerding FM-Aid works? I love that module but would prefer a DIY option.
it does a similar thing, but i think its a different approach. the fm-aid looks like a wavefolder followed by a sine shaper. this allows the various other waveshapes to be created before the sine shaper. the sinulator does wavefolding and sineshaping in one step, so you only get sine output. there are 2 options here: the sinulator, which is a prebuilt module, and the sinecore modulator, which is a just a breakout board for the core of the sinulator, and the user has to build some buffer amps and a faceplate for themselves. the sinulator is equivalent to 2 sinecore modulators cascaded.
well, that was a long "week". perfectcircuit has them in stock again:

and WOMS has a website up for it now, and you can contact them directly as well:
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