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Every module I've ever had
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Author Every module I've ever had
I've been into Eurorack for about 5 years now, and I've bought and sold tons of modules. I thought it would be fun to go back and try to remember every single module I've ever had. So here it is. I put some comments in for every module. The modules I currently have are in bold. FYI, I have a 12U x 84 HP system.

- ALM PAMELA'S WORKOUT, Great module, central to my entire setup. Sold it when the new Pam's was announced, but I'll be getting the new one ASAP
- ALM S.B.G., Nice module, but I didn't really need the output side since I can do that with regular attenuators. Replaced it with a dual preamp (Ladik A-530)
- ALM PIP SLOPE, Very nice sounding envelopes, plus it's small and voltage controlled
- ALM TANGLE QUARTET, The perfect feature set and form factor for me for a clean VCA/mixer
- AniModule ANVILOPE, Replaced with Pip Slope
- Antimatter BRAIN SEED, Brilliant module. Besides sequencing, it can quantize, be a random source, and do sample and hold
- Circuit Abbey GOZINTA, I think I replaced this with the SBG, but then I later replaced the SBG with the Ladik A-530. Who knows what I was thinking.
- Circuit Abbey INVY, Great feature set, but a bit too cramped and too hard to dial in precise attenutation given the x2 gain factor
- Delptronics TRIGGER MAN, I never gelled with this. Eventually replaced with Pamela's and BeatStep Pro.
- Doepfer A-105, nice filter but I didn't like how much bass it lost when the resonance was turned up even a little
- Doepfer A-106-5, nice filter but too noisy
- Doepfer A-119, too specific a function - I do envelope following with my Mini Slew now when I need it
- Doepfer A-122, not sure why I got rid of this; I remember liking it
- Doepfer A-132-1, Not enough control - I need CV attenuators at the minimum
- Doepfer A-132-3, Replaced with uVCA
- Doepfer A-138C, Replaced with various utility modules
- Doepfer A-140, Too big
- Doepfer A-142-4 , Cheap, space-efficient envelope source for percussion
- Doepfer A-148, Sitting in a drawer at the moment, may go back in my rack sometime
- Doepfer A-150, Love using this to vary rhythms/create fills, and also as a logic module
- Doepfer A-151, Sitting in a drawer at the moment, may go back in my rack sometime. Goes great with PGM 4x4
- Doepfer A-156, Didn't like the limited scale control
- Doepfer A-160, Didn't like the mathematical instead of musical divisions
- Doepfer A-166, Got rid of this when I realized I could use VCAs for AND and I could use my A-150 for AND/OR/NOT
- Doepfer A-190-2, Not well built; MIDI jack was wobbly and was held in place with glue
- Doepfer A-198, Can't imagine my modular without it; goes great with Brain Seed
- Elby ED-115, Nice feature set, but it was too deep for the Pittsburgh Cell cases I was using at one point. Ironically, now I have Doepfer cases and it would fit.
- Erthenvar DIV POWER 2, I replaced my A-160 with this since it did musical divisions, but eventually I replaced this with Pam's
- Expert Sleepers ES-3 MK3, Great way to integrate your DAW, but I eventually decided that I wanted to use my computer as little as possible
- Frequency Central WAVE RUNNER, I could never get this to give me really slow synced LFOs
- Happy Nerding 3X MIA, Just ordered this after waiting for I think about 8 months for it to be released. This will be replacing my Triatt.
- Happy Nerding FM AID, Try it. You will like it.
- Happy Nerding MMM VCF, Nice Moog sound with no resonance, but the bass loss when turning the resonance up even a little was massive
- Happy Nerding SUPER SAWTOR, Turns one oscillator into a swarm.
- Intellijel BUFF MULT, I rarely need buffering and I use my CVP when I do. I use Stackcables and Hubs for mults.
- Intellijel DIXIE, It was too deep for the Pittsburgh Cell cases I was using at one point so I had to replace it with a Dixie II.
- Intellijel DIXIE II, Had two at one point, still have one sitting in a drawer which could go back in my case sometime. Good clean sounding waves, nice utility oscillator.
- Intellijel OR, I use this to combine triggers
- Intellijel PLOG, I can do AND and OR with other modules. But I do miss the flip flops.
- Intellijel POLARIS, The best all around filter in Euro, IMHO. So versatile. Clean or dirty. Any number of poles. Any filter mode. And it's a phaser.
- Intellijel QUADRA, I'll never get rid of this module. Envelopes sound great, and it's such a great form factor.
- Intellijel QUADRA EXPANDER, Found that I didn't need that many voltage controlled envelopes.
- Intellijel TRIATT, Great module design, but I'm replacing it with the 3x MIA which is an even greater module design.
- Intellijel UNITY MIXER, Seems like a good, space-efficient idea on paper, but it was never all that useful since I always had to use up attenuators with it.
- Intellijel UFOLD, Replaced with a uFold II since I didn't like how the sound completely cut out at full CCW.
- Intellijel UFOLD II, And I replaced this with an Ultrafold since I just like the Ultrafold better
- Intellijel UMOD II, I got this mainly to be a CV mangler, but I never used it all that much
- Intellijel USTEP, Great feature set, but the interface was frustrating
- Intellijel UVCA, The exp-lin knob is amazing. You can really shape and color your sound and even create cool distortion. This module is key to my kick sounds.
- Intellijel UVCF, Still sitting in a drawer and could go back in my rack sometime. Useful, versatile utility filter and sine wave source.
- Ladik A-530, I use this to bring DAW and other sounds into my modular. Sounds clean to me.
- Ladik C-020, Sounded nice, but I had a bunch of other distortion options
- Ladik C-011, Nice utility module
- Ladik Q-010, Great bang-for-the-buck quantizer.
- Liivatera NOISE SOURCE, Good variety of noise colors. Quantam Rainbow 2 wasn't out yet when I got this, or else I would have gotten that instead.
- Make Noise FUNCTION, I never gelled with this. Powering up with cycling always engaged was a big turn off for me.
- Make Noise LXD, A recent addition. So far I really like its sound.
- Make Noise MODDEMIX, Unique sound. I especially like using it with white noise to create crunchy snares.
- Make Noise OPTOMIX, Source of endless frustration. The vactrols in the two channels were so massively mismatched. The Damp circuit never sounded useful to me. LxD seems much better
- Make Noise RICHTER WOGGLEBUG, One of a kind. Will never leave my rack.
- Manhattan Analog CP3, The saturation/distortion it provided turned out to be too subtle for my taste.
- Manhattan Analog CVP, One of my oldest modules. Thought about getting rid of it many times, but it's just so darn useful.
- Manhattan Analog MA35, Great filter, really cool weird sounds to be had with it. I got rid of it for space reasons, but I may well get this one again someday.
- Manhattan Analog MIX, The perfect little mixer.
- Metasonix R51, One of my first modules. I probably didn't spend enough time with it.
- Metasonix R53, Nothing else sounds like this. I may replace it soon with an RK3, to create some more space.
- Metasonix R54, Nothing else sounds like this either.
- Metasonix R54 MK2, Nor this.
- Metasonix RK2, Nor this.
- MFB DUAL LFO, Another of my oldest modules. You can't beat 2 voltage controlled, cross modulating LFOs in 8 HP.
- Modcan FMVDO, Brilliant design. I don't think there's any other way to get such clean, controlled FM sounds in Euro, but it can also sound like complete chaos.
- Modcan TRIPLE VCO, Recent addition. The plan is to use it for chords or harmonies, by sequencing with multiple sequencer rows. Oh but plans can fall through and so often they do.
- Mutable Instruments RINGS, I feel like I've barely explored this module, but I like what I've heard so far.
- Mutable Instruments WARPS, I mainly got this for the vocoder, but it's got so many useful modes.
- Pittsburgh Modular ADSR, Replaced with ADSRVCA.
- Pittsburgh Modular GENERATOR, Loved the crazy sounds I could get from this, but replaced it with FMVDO which can be crazy or clean.
- Pittsburgh Modular LFO2, Decent simple module but nothing special.
- Pittsburgh Modular MIDI2, Piece of junk. Not a good module at all.
- Pittsburgh Modular OSCILLATOR, Had two of these at one point. Never liked the sound that much. Always seemed a little fuzzy.
- RYO APERTURE, Got this as a Optomix replacement, but never thought it sounded all that great. Sold it when I got LxD.
- RYO OPTODIST, I love the distortion from this module.
- RYO VC SEQUENCER, You can't beat 8 steps in 10 HP, and somehow it doesn't feel cramped. I have the Trig Xpander but I don't use it.
- SSF/WMD ADSRVCA, Excellent combination of form factor and functionality, plus the envelope sounds great.
- SSF/WMD MINI SLEW, It's a matter of personal taste, but this module works for me much better than the Function did.
- SSF/WMD MMF, I love the slightly dirty sound of this filter, especially band pass mode.
- SSF/WMD POLE ZERO, Recent addition, but so far I like it. Haven't played with the saturation much yet.
- SSF/WMD QUAD-ATTEN, I have lots of modules which need attenuators. Not sure why Intellijel stopped making their version of this.
- SSF/WMD SPECTRUM, I have two. Sounds great, and it has so many great features that other analog oscillators don't, like easy octave switching, easy switching between lin and exp FM, sub-osc with multiple shapes and octaves
- SSF/WMD TOOLBOX, A great combination of utilities that I don't have in other modules. I especially use the comparator and rectifier a lot.
- SSF/WMD ULTRAFOLD, I really like its sound.
- STG .VCA, Another deep module that had to go when I switched to Pittsburgh Cell cases.
- Synthesis Technology E340, I've had this two different times, and it's actually still in my drawer right now. It sounds great, especially the sine cloud.
- Synthesis Technology E350, I don't have other wavetable oscillators to compare it to, but I love its sound.
- Synthesis Technology E440, I know a lot of people love this filter, but for me it was just ok. Sold it cause I couldn't justify the space.
- Synthwerks MG-1, Not very useful.
- Synthwerks PGM 4X4, A very underrated module. I probably should never have sold it. I'm planning to re-acquire it soon.
- Tiptop TRIGGER RIOT, Very well thought out and versatile module with tons of options, but it was just too complicated for me.
- Tiptop Z2040, I think I got a lemon. The resonance never worked right for me.
- Tiptop Z4000, Too cramped, and I never really used all that voltage control.
- Tiptop Z8000, Good module, but I wasn't making enough use of it to justify the space.
- Xaoc BATUMI, This is a great module, but I sold out when I heard about the new Pam's since I think that will be able to do my clock-synced LFOs.
no harvestman? lol tsk tsk
Pole Zero suffers from the same thing the MMM VCF does as far as bass loss with resonance present, however the saturation allows some more balls.

Just got a Three Sisters after being tired of the Moog clones and it's without those issues. The VCA on the Pole Zero make up for the loss.

Surprised you've not tried more sequencers.

I found the Ultrafold obsolete one I got a Warps, but I think I regret that decision. I do like both.

I keep thinking the Optodist should be my first euro build. Everyone seems to love it.
Nice list! Interesting to see what got replaced and why. Seems like you don't have a lot of LFOs, but then there's the Wogglebug and various function generators.

My own is much shorter and younger:

2hp LFO: it does the job. It's small. Will probably replace it and the EON in the future though.
Circuit Abbey Gozinta: I use this more to partner with the Mini Slew (to boost trigger voltages and output levels) than for audio. I have yet to play with setting higher gain on the jumpers though.
Doepfer A-133: I was originally using it as my only VCA, but didn't like it for audio and found it bulky in my small system. In retrospect I probably should have hung onto it for a while to go into my second row for CV purposes.
Mannequins Three Sisters: a great filter for its sound and its utility. I replaced the knobs with Rogan ones similar to Make Noise/Mutable, which I prefer.
MengQi DPLPG: there are probably better LPGs out there, but they're not this small. smile I wish the panel layout was In/CV/Out/LED instead of In/Out/LED/CV though; that continues to trip me up.
Mutable Instruments Peaks: many uses (especially with DMC installed), small size. Not the most friendly in terms of tweaking, but very good to have in a small system.
Mutable Instruments Rings: I love this thing. This is what lured me into Eurorack (well, Elements got my attention but I think Rings was the better choice for me). As much as I explore it, it keeps surprising me.
Mutable Instruments Streams: I loved some things about its sound, but managing the dynamics was often a challenge compared to other envelopes/VCAs. I wasn't into the compressor; I have my favorites in software.
Mutable Instruments Tides: fantastic modulator and VCO. Ultimately I may wind up with two of them.
Mutable Instruments Warps: it seems like an odd collection of effects, but I actually use it a lot as a separate VCO & VCA, or for wavefolding. I never thought I'd bother with the vocoder but it surprised me too.
Noise Engineering Ataraxic Translatron: I like this kind of sound but I was already there with VST plugins (including one I wrote), and felt like I had less control with it in Euro instead of more.
Pittsburgh Modular Lifeforms Mod Tools: preordered. Packs a lot of different functionality into that space, though I do wish the LFO had CV control and the FG had EOR and/or EOC outputs.
Qu-Bit EON: lots of functionality in a very small package. I wish the square oscillator tracked pitch better and the quantizer was usable. This may get replaced in the future, along with the 2hp LFO.
Synthrotek DLY: just paid for a used one. Delay is one of those basic things that's well covered in software but the way this one breaks up, offers CV control over both delay time and feedback, and the potential fun for feedback with Rings is something I look forward to playing with.
WMD/SSF Mini Slew: this plus the Gozinta and S.P.O. are my Swiss Army knife for modulation, and occasionally for weirder uses.
WMD/SSF S.P.O.: so useful for attenuversion, constant voltages, and even mixing or amplification in a pinch.
Zlob Dual VCA: it's tiny, works and sounds great, and the mix output is handy. If I ever replace it, it'll likely be with a VnIcursal... but I expect I'll keep it.
kat wrote:
no harvestman? lol tsk tsk

I noticed that, MMMMmmmm? Not good.... hihi
Someone has too much time on their hands.
Hah, thats the search function even trickier now thanks to *just about every module ever* appearing in this thread.
no maths eek!

but actually this is a nice thread
Someone has too much time on their hands.

I cringe when I hear this, anywhere. Obviously s/he felt it useful
to document the experience for others. As someone thinking about starting
a euro rig to complement the easel, I found it informative.

Nice Job OP, thanks for the effort!
Thanks for the replies so far, I'll respond to some of the comments later. I'm pretty sure the "too much time" comment was just a light hearted joke. The irony is that I actually have precious little free time, since I work full time and I have 6 year old twins. But the idea of this thread popped into my head a few days ago and I couldn't get it out. So I sat down last night and wrote this up after my kids went to sleep.
You sold a Batami......??? seek help, and lfo's
Tropic Al
Great thread!
It's very interesting to read why you got rid of certain modules and what you replaced them with and some that you might go back to.
albiedamned wrote:

- Modcan FMVDO, Brilliant design. I don't think there's any other way to get such clean, controlled FM sounds in Euro, but it can also sound like complete chaos.

Tips on how you achieve chaos with FMVDO?
also appreciated this list a lot. would love to see some more wigglers to do likewise.
This makes me feel better about my compulsive need to swap out everything from my case when I'm not getting along with it.

Great thread!
Thank you for this list! thumbs up
Very usefull for me.
I'd be here all night if I were to do such a list. I like it though! Interesting read. Thanks for sharing. smile
hawkfuzz wrote:
Pole Zero suffers from the same thing the MMM VCF does as far as bass loss with resonance present, however the saturation allows some more balls.

I've only sat down with it once, but that was the first thing I checked and it really didn't sound as pronounced to me as the other filters I've had which had the bass loss with resonance (A-105, MMM VCF). I'll have to check it again.

hawkfuzz wrote:
Surprised you've not tried more sequencers.

I've never been attracted to the big Euro sequencers like Rene or Metropolis. I have a BeatStep Pro and an SQ-1 that I use for most of my sequencing.

starthief wrote:
Seems like you don't have a lot of LFOs, but then there's the Wogglebug and various function generators.

The MFB Dual is my only dedicated LFO at the moment, but a) I'll be getting the new Pam's as soon as I can and it should give me clock-synced LFOs, b) my regular oscillators can also be LFOs, and c) Quadra, Pip Slope, and Mini Slew can loop.

erstlaub wrote:
Hah, thats the search function even trickier now thanks to *just about every module ever* appearing in this thread.

True, but since I had some comments on each module, it's at least a little useful when someone is searching for info on one of these modules.

djhyperspace wrote:
You sold a Batami......??? seek help, and lfo's

I sold both the Batumi and the original Pam's when the new Pam's was announced. I mostly used the Batumi for clock-synced LFOs, which the new Pam should be able to do. I might use up Pam's outputs pretty quick, but I can always use a trigger out on my BeatStep Pro for simple clock dividing. Having said all that, Batumi is a great module and I can see why it's so popular.

djhyperspace wrote:
Tips on how you achieve chaos with FMVDO?

Use non-integer ratios, turn off the quantizer, and modulate the V/Oct, ratio, index, and waveform. You can also try feeding another oscillator into the Expo CV input.
I think this is a great and useful thread. Always interesting to see how someone's rack has evolved and why. Personally think it would be great to have "reviews" (ala Amazon) for modules. The ratings on modular grid are limited as its the indepth comments you want. Lots of good comments here of course.

Have been thinking about documenting my own journey into Eurorack. Lessons learned along the way, that sort of thing. We were all new to this once and think it's helpful for those coming in to see the paths people have trodden.

Thanks OP!
I too am enjoying the reviews and why things have stayed while others were sacrificed. Maybe others can add their own experiences to this thread?
thanks albiedamned.

i dont feel so bad swapping as much as i do anymore. smile
Any opinions/info on anything like this, made in any way whatsoever, simple or complex, are welcome, well done. If you were here I'd buy you a drink, but seeing as you aern't I'll drink it myself .....


Guinness ftw!
jwise wrote:
I too am enjoying the reviews and why things have stayed while others were sacrificed. Maybe others can add their own experiences to this thread?

Yeah, I find these very useful and would definitely read more of them.

albiedamned, on the 106-5 did you mean it was too electrically noisy? Or that it caused too much distortion?
Love this thread! Lots of "yeah, same here" moments. The 106-5 IS noisy as hell, that's why I like it but yes, it's a unique beast that's not to everbody's taste, I guess. No MI..only a few MN no hipster badman? Seriously, I think this is a very useful thread because it creates a context, younsee how certain modules fit in with others...something often neglected!
Thanks for taking the time to post your history with these modules - a lot of food for thought here. Noting your praise for the Polaris . . . (!)
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