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LZX tutorial video's
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Author LZX tutorial video's
Check out these awesome tutorials!!

Video Synth Techniques 1: Generating Horizontal & Vertical Waveforms

Video Synth Techniques 2: Creating Shapes & Patterns

Video Synth Techniques 3: Colorizing Patterns & Adding Motion
I hadn't seen the third video yet. Thanks.

It's a great series, altho I wish Lars used a better mic. Oh, well. It's just a small detail. Too often, with modular synth demos, both the audio and the video are poor quality. So I'm only picking on this one tiny thing because everything else is so good. I really love the use of the new monitor modules.
Erik Von Artz
thumbs up thumbs up thumbs up

Thx a lot!! Great and simpel! Very useful!!

Keep up the good work!!
LoFi Junglist
The fourth video just came out. Pretty amazing patch developed about 4 minute mark eek!
MUFF WIGGLER Forum Index -> Video Synthesis  
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