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SH-1oh1 sync problem with Ableton
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Author SH-1oh1 sync problem with Ableton

I am having trouble syncing the SH101 sequencer with Ableton and my Beatstep pro.

I have programmed the midi clock as showed in the manual in the U&D page, the sequencer work well as slave but it's not in sync and I don't know how to fix this...

Here is how it's setup :

Soundcard MIDI In to Clock Out Beatstep Pro.
Soundcard MIDI Out to SH101 MIDI IN.

Here's a link of an audio file recorded from the 101 -2017-02-22-a-18-02-10.png

Thank you smile
Have you tried setting the clock type to 'pattern' in Ableton?


Ableton Live sends a START message when the loop marker is at the beginning, but seems to send CONTINUE when it is placed somewhere else IF the clock type in the ableton live settings is set to 'Song'. Set it to 'pattern' and your problem will disapear. This is a little known fact about Ableton and quite a few people are having troubles with this.
Thanks for your reply...sorry for the late answer, I didn't get much time to try it, but it seems to not make a lot of difference... I sill got unstable clock :(
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