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The 208 ToolBox - a companion for the Music Easel
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Author The 208 ToolBox - a companion for the Music Easel
Next batch coming soon.

The DIY PCB set (front and rear panels, circuit panel) will be directly available via my website in April for 90€ including registered shipping and Paypal fees.
Parts kits will be available from Weedywhizz (Germany) and Synthcube (US).
All values are silkscreened on the PCB, straightforward build, no rare part, no calibration needed.

All infos needed to build and use the ToolBox and BOB expander are on

The built units will be available on order only, each one is cutomised to the user's preferences, please pm me to join the waiting list.
Price is in the 400€ range, depending on the options.
Shipping to Belgium : 10€
Shipping to EU and US : 20€
Shipping to the rest of the world : 30€
Payment via Paypal or bank transfer or cash on collection.

Thank you !

Todd Barton did amazing YT videos and Instagram snippets about the ToolBox, check it out ! thumbs up
He also suggested to add a basic square wave oscillator to feed the balanced external, a great idea. A small simple circuit can be easily mounted to the perfboard area with a 741, a pot and a few resitstors, output in tinijack. It's dead simple, not voltage controlled but stable and such a useful feature !
Thanks for the suggestion Todd

---------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------


Finally here is my Easel/208 expansion card w00t

Features :

-gold plated connector

- envelope times variable CV inputs with sliders
- envelope looper with a pot delaying the retrig (like the "off" on Synthi, max delay time is about 8 sec) with CV input (thanks to a jumper the pot course can be selected : max time fully CW or CCW)
- envelope trigger banana input (the socket is shared with the looper delay CV input, select with internal switch ot jumper
- gate to trigger converter circuit to have the envelope working in transient mode with any pulse (can be bypassed if desired)

- CO waveshape amplitude variable CV input with pot
- CO waveshape switch CV

- MO hi/mid/lo range switch with multiturn trimmer allowing accurate transpose
- MO waveshape switch CV

- sequencer 2 stages or CV input switch
- individual trigger output for each sequencer stage and for all stages switched on
- random trigger input

- 3 way CV mixer with dedicated level for each input (1 is attenuator, 2 and 3 are attenuverters) and a LED for level display

- 3 unused emplacements in the top left corner for banana, switch, minijack... and room on the PCB to add other features matching each one's own needs
the "to prog" panel sockets can be used as well, which makes 5 custom connections possible

Options :
    sequencer pulse in
    pulser pulse in
    pulser trig out (a short trig, not the ramp available on yellow sockets)
    envelope pulse in
    MO modulation switch CV
    LPG1 mode switch CV
    LPG2 mode switch CV
    LPG2 signal routing switch CV
    banana / tinijax converter (counts as 2 options because uses 2 sockets)
    banana / mini jack converter (counts as 2 options because uses 2 sockets)
    simple square wave oscillator, a great Todd Barton suggestion, typical use of it is the balanced external, it's VERY basic : a frequency pot, a tini jack out, a square waveform, range about 25Hz to 1500Hz (can be transposed by changing a resistor value), no CV input (counts as 2 options because features 1 pot and 1 tinijack output)

    Feel free to ask if you think to other options.

- optional female edge connector on the back to connect a program card, iProgram card, Easel Aux Card or other modules to come;

The ToolBox works perfect with original Easel, 208r rev2 clone and BEMI 208.
It will NOT work with a 208r rev1 clone.

All options together are possible thanks to the BOB expander.
It can be plugged into the ToolBox's rear edge connector or standalone into the 208 and has a female connector as well.
Standard features :

- sequencer pulse in
- envelope inverted out / envelope trigger out (switchable)
- pulser pulse in
- pulser trig out (the internal short pulse occuring at the end of its cycle, not the ramp on yellow bananas)
- MO modulation switch CV
- LPG1 mode switch CV
- LPG2 mode switch CV
- LPG2 signal routing switch CV
- 3 customisable places with perfboard like on the ToolBox

is it immediately available?
very nice, papz!
Rockin' Banana! nanners
Awesome!! SlayerBadger! screaming goo yo w00t
Thanks guys nanners
OMG screaming goo yo
Can sell it in DIY kit?
Really nice work papz applause
Wow, Great work thumbs up
Thanks SlayerBadger!

Bugfree PCBs set will be available for DIY when fixed, hopefully soon.

Preparing kits is very time consuming, a full DIY kit (PCBs and all components) will be either too expensive for customers (almost the price of an assembled unit) or at a disadvantage for me.
Thus no kits, sorry.
The issue with the edge connector I reported in the first post is "fixed".
The wrong connection was not on the PCB but in my mind d'oh!

Connect the ToolBox horizontally with a male adaptator doesn't work because in that case the front and back sides of the edge connector are swapped.
There was also a short in the connector itself in extra.

The connector works fine with program cards.

The 300€ launch price promotional offer is still valid w00t

Don T
Any idea on price for the PCBs alone? I'm definitely interested! cool
PM'd! screaming goo yo w00t
Replied Todd
Looking forward to see you demoing it on yt w00t

The 3 PCBs set (front panel, back panel, circuit) will be in the 100€ range and purchase will be easy with paypal via my website.
Hopefully available in April.
The parts used are very common.
Beautiful work as usual, hope we see a rev 1 from someone one day
Looks very nice, especially the idea with the optional female edge connector on the back to connect a program card or iprogram card applause
Very nice w00t
Thank you thumbs up

It's succesful, only a few left at lowered price.
With the extra options on the top left corner.

Looks outstanding! Well done sir
Thanks Guinness ftw!
looks great. would love to see a demo of this card. trying to wrap my head around the possibilities.
same here, I might grab these first ones yet I think I will wait for the DIY..
Sorry I'm not good at doing demos and videos and I have a very poor old camera only (not even a so-called smartphone), I'm afraid a video by me might not serve the project Dead Banana
Todd will certainly do a better video than I'll ever be able to when he'll have his ToolBox. Thanks in advance. we're not worthy

Each feature is easy to figure out, nothing esoteric, most are CV inputs that can be simulated by some sliders and switches tweaking, but in that case you can control only 2 parameters, with the TooBox all can be controlled at the same time even if you're not Kali lol Huge various possibilities thus.

The sequencer individual pulse outs are similar to the Korg SQ10 : each step has its own pulse out allowing to trig different modules separately at different steps.

The envelope looper is different to the one available on the BEMI or 208r rev2 mod in that the retrig pulse can be delayed instead of occuring immediately at the end of the decay time, like the "off" on the Synthi A and VCS3. This 4th time can be voltage controlled as well, the ToolBox offers thus a complete VC looping envelope generator.

The CV mixer works like any CV mixer : 3 inputs, 1 output.
Input 1 has an attenuator, inputs 2 and 3 an attenuverter, ie the pot set to 12 o'clock "mutes" the input signal, CW is normal signal, CCW is inverted signal.

Hope this helps thumbs up
papz wrote:

- MO hi/mid/lo range switch with multiturn trimmer allowing accurate transpose

So does this mean that the hi/mid/lo can each have their voltages set individually or are they all related? Like - is it 1 trimmer that changes all of them?
Each hi and lo position has its own dedicated trimmer, accessible via the 2 tiny holes to the left.
The mid position is the original MO range.
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