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Looking for disturbing material to sample?
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Author Looking for disturbing material to sample?
sizone wrote:
MindMachine wrote:

I prefer NASA sound clips.

I understand that Legendary died of an overdose of cheap wine in ft. worth

I thought it was Dallas.
two of my favorites to sample are Bill Cooper, the libertarian conspiracy theorist guy. And some of the other folks in his orbit that slant towards 'Ancient Aliens' instead of Alex Jones.
Though even Jones makes for good sampling sometimes, though he does over modulate often.

Also Dave Emory, who used to have a great radio show on KFJC for years and years. He runs down details of various nefarious political groups in this marvelous old school radio voice.
This is somethign both these guys have in common. A deep, rich speaking voice which sits in a mix very well. The whacked out space alien, JFK assassination conspiracies and Nazi base in antarctica are just garnish to the vocal texture.
From a purely audio angle Alex Jones has a brilliant voice, he's appeared in 2 Richard Linklater films, A Scanner Darkly and Waking Life.

Simultaneously the most and least sane material has already been sampled, in these 2 releases on Discrepant. One featuring a lot of end of the world type preachers, cult leaders, and another with a more sci-fi theme including Phil Dick...
This thread just got me thinking about this old microcassette recorder with a mic i bought in a thrift store with a couple of spare tapes. One of which included a local doctor's journal in spoken word, talking about patients' mental issues and such. Not disturbing material per se, but a little creepy listening to confidential material about people in your local community.

It's been a while since I've listened to it, and I really should listen to it all, i should listen to it and take the time to digitize it.

So, going to thrift stores and searching out old cassette tapes, home tapes, VHS or whatever medium that may have random people's recordings on them could be goldmines for sampling material. Or it could just be good fun if you have nothing better to do.
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