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How do you multitrack your modular?
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Author How do you multitrack your modular?
I've been recording everything into Logic using an old M-Audio FastTrack as 2 track stereo from a small mixer. I'm a fan of one-take recording, so this has worked for me.

However, I'd like more control over EQ and compression in post, so I'm thinking about getting a sound card (MOTU 8A) that has 8-in/8-out, to handle multitrack recording, still in one-take.

The challenge for me has been finding a way do deal with aux send/returns in multitrack recording. With the small mixer, the aux effects (strymon big sky & moog delay) were easily captured in the final mix out of the mixer. In multitrack, I guess I would need to go directly from the out of each Eurorack module that I want to record to the in of the 8A (dry signal). Then each external effect (reverb & delay) would need its own in/out... then routing would be done in Logic.

So here's how I'm thinking about setting it up...

In1 - [Track 1] Moog Mother 32
In2 - [Track 2] Moog Mother 32
In3 - [Track 3] VCA out from additional osc & filter
In4 - [Track 4] Output from AudioDamage Boomtschak (usually kick)
In5 - [Track 5] Output from Basimilus Iteritas Alter (usually snare)
In6 - [Track 6] Output from Anemia's Taiko (other percussion)
In7 - [Aux1] From Strymon Big Sky (reverb fx return)
In8 - [Aux2] From Moog delay (fx return)
Out1 - [Aux1] To Strymon Big Sky (fx send)
Out2 - [Aux2] To Moog delay (fx send)

For tracks 1-6 that need delay or reverb, I think I just need to create a utility I/O on each track in Logic, then record the output 100% wet on tracks 7 & 8?

Maybe I'm overcomplicating this, and sorry the message is so long. Just trying to imagine how this will all work without having the gear in front of me is posing to be more challenging that I originally anticipated. Another thing...

Since Eurorack output is often hotter than line level, is there any risk going directly into the Motu 8A? Thanks.
No risk going into the MOTU. But since it's outputs are DC-coupled, there's quite a few benefits. See Silent Way software.

There's also firewire/USB mixers you might want to look into.
Using some wires that I bought from Germany. They are small on one end and big at the other. One end goes into VCA etc, the other into a mixing desk. Then on from there to 16 channels of input to computer. Overdubbing in Ableton. Is it sampling or multi tracking though?
It's possible to use EQ as well!
Nw2s Dsub outputs straight to an RME Fireface.
I have 4 channel card and I work with stem conception — channel one for drums, 2 — for bass, 3 — for synths, 4 — variated every times
Im in the midst of planning my system that I specifically want to work really well with multitracking - thanks for your wisdom. Any more?
RME UFX is great for this, as it works standalone and can record to a connected USB drive without computer. Also, in Class Compliant mode it can be hooked up to an iPad for controlling the mixes/submixes with a GUI. Also, of course, works great with a computer.
12 analog ins with 2xADAT expansion.
Nw2s DB25 outputs to a patchbay normalized to A&H Qu-Pac inputs. Then I can either record directly to the computer or in the standalone recorder mode. Aux sends to FX are routed through the Qu-Pac.
I've been trying to sort something out myself to accomplish a live take, but with multitrack USB recording to DAW, with aux sends, so that i can tweak later and add other stuff in the box.

running nw2s dsub to the audiocard sounds great but then you need to have a eurorack mixer with aux in order to really capture the live take if things are being brought in and out of the mix.

for the rack mixers without faders (qu-pac, behringer x12), you have to be comfortable using an ipad for realtime mixing (which i find really hard), or have a midi controller for mixing the inputs in the DAW in realtime. i also like to have quick access to EQ and mute/solo once drums start going.

someone please correct me if i'm wrong on the above (which would be great!).

you could look at the Soundcraft 12MTK or Behringer 1604UFX, which is what i've narrowed it down to. now i just have to figure out if i'm turned off by behringer by unfounded bias or not. does it sound just fine, or actually good enough considering how much i've spent on eurorack?

there's larger soundcraft 22mtk and presonus studiolive 16 if you want more channels in the future.
Another advocate of the RME UFX here, killer unit!

Biggest issue for me is trying to capture the performance intact but still have the ability to edit/eq/comp where required in post.

I take 4 direct outs from a Dubmix (synths), Kik, Sn, other perc, & 2 St Fx.
That's 11 inputs. These are mixed to St for monitoring via the UFX but each input also feeds an individual track in Live/Reaper.
This way I can play as I would live.
So far it's working pretty well.
I use an Apollo which i have some other things hard patched into, Drum machine, and other synths etc... Then i use a Focusrite Octopre for my modular via lightpipe on the Apollo so i can use FX on the way in etc. I'm going into the octopre with 8 cables i've labeled which hang next to my modular so whenever i want to tap into a sound source i've got it easily.. It's awesome for my workflow because i can make crazy beats on my modular with all the parts separate and then play along to it and record everything separate..
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