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Is there a Moog Mother 32 for video synthesis?
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Author Is there a Moog Mother 32 for video synthesis?
Is there some super practical lower cost piece of equipment that can get someone into video synthesis? Where to start?
I would say the visual cortex is a close comparison to the Mother 32 in terms of comparable features. ie self contained unit that has all stages required for video synthesis.

Its the perfect starter module and can be expanded on with a variaty of different brand modules once you get comfortable using it.
I would agree with the 3trins as a great starter.
It is the closest to a standalone yet expandable semi-modular video synthesis system. However I do feel that the Mother32 has far more creative possibility, even though its difficult to compare audio with video synthesis, but generally speaking there has to be a far greater investment in an entry level system to really do anything other than very simple shape and gradient direct video synthesis and/or basic colorisation and image processing.
If I were starting out in video synthesis right now and wanted something that is a kind of equivalent to a mother32/0coast semi-modular system I would make my own panel and DIY a load of LZX cadet modules together.
The other alternative is to get the 3trins and a visual cortex and build the expander so that you could use the 3trins oscillators into the VC.
Amoung the suggestions here, there are two basic categories: DIY and non-DIY. The obvious one-stop non-DIY option is the Visual Cortex. I'd add the Ming Mecca as an alternative. It won't process video like the VC but it will at least generate video.

I can't comment on the DIY options. I don't even know if DIY is an option for the OP.
Also worth mentioning: the Dave Jones MVIP. That'll integrate very well into an existing modular system.
Big plus one for the MVIP. I bought the MVIP, got really jazzed on video synthesis, built a small LZX system, sold the LZX, and have focused really intently on getting the most out of the MVIP. I'd still like to get back into LZX style video synthesis at some point, maybe when I've got time to properly learn it, but the MVIP always surprises me with new things to coax out of it.
well, if you go the DIY route, check the Cadet series of LZX.
I've build the System 21 set (21 modules). which is very affordable and extensive in features.
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