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Tetrax vs Shnth
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Author Tetrax vs Shnth
Heya folks, looking to enter the weird and wonderful world of CL so am hoping to pick up one of his more entry level pieces.

I'm currently working on a noise/drone project so i'm currently debating beyween the Tetrax and the Shnth. They both have their pros and cons so just wondering what people would recommend?

Money is pretty tight recently so picking up the Shnth would allow me to spend funds on some other fun stuff. I have no programming knowledge though so would be depending on existing patches that are put there for the forseeable future.

I haven't programmed on the shnth for a while but I absolutely love that little synth to pieces

it does all kinds of noise/drone stuff very easily

if you don't have any other modular stuff to play with the tetrax I would almost go towards the shnth but if you do or are planning to get more modular gear to patch with the tetrax you may get better results there

I have plenty of shnth videos up on youtube nanners
I would go for Tetrax if you have zero skills with fish programming or you could try Tocante. They can drone and make incredible noises with the touch of a finger.
For ease of use out of the box I'd go with Tetrax. It also has the bananas for patching together with other Ciat-Lonbarde gear, if you decide to get more.
wednesdayayay wrote:

I have plenty of shnth videos up on youtube nanners

Would love to check them out! Got a link to any of them?

Thanks for the comments folks!

At the moment i'm thinking of grabbing an Shnth and selling a few bits to possibly buy a Tetrax too. That way I'll have the best of both worlds!

I'm leaning towards the Shnth because I actually don't use my modular live and will be mainly approaching it as a standalone instument. Plus the whole gestural interfaces will be something completely new to me.
I've got to say a lot of people don't gel with the shnth
once you learn the functions of the modules it becomes easier to patch for yourself
also learning the patching method of nesting vs connecting from point to point is necessary for your own patching

but as you said you would at least start off using other peoples patches cool
there are a good amount of shnth videos on here but one of my favorite patches is below (although I couldn't hear it while recording as the output was directly into the camera


more sounds from a variant on the same patch from above (this one incorporates oscillator to oscillator feedback

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