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Ginko Synthese Tool
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Author Ginko Synthese Tool
Just popped over to the Ginko website and saw this: Tool

Has anyone heard a demo?

(Couldn't find anything on MW about this. Sorry if this has already been discussed.)
Seems nice, would love to play with it w00t
i received my tool kit last friday.
First i have to build it, but right now there isn't a firmware download...
Is this a DIY-programmed Disting-type utility module?
Is there anywhere in North America to get one?
The first software has arrived!
ah , nice good price for a kit, and i was looking to buy the 2hp freeze, that looks like a much better choice
Any news on how well Tool works once built? The price/feature set looks promising, sort of 'Disting on a budget'. Is it as good in practice as it looks on paper?
I ordered my kit direct from the Ginko Synthese site and built it last weekend. It was a pretty easy build - I did it back to back with a grains and they're very similar. So far the arduino sketches available are pretty limited - four are available and cover LFO/Envelope and I think a noise function so far.

Hopefully there will be a few more functions along soon.

It's mission statement is very disting like, but it's limited display options (two programmable LEDs) mean that each sketch is basically one function with some options and you have to re-flash the arduino to change function.

It looks very hackable though - if you ever wanted to experiment with some chaos signal generating type algorythms or physics model style bouncing ball style CV generation this has to be a good platform to try it on.
I don't have one, but it seems quite a long way from a Disting, really. It only has an 8-bit microprocessor, and can only generate CV values.Disting is 32-bit, and has both audio and CV capabilities (and those lovely RGB-illuminated sockets).

That said, it's probably pretty useful if you know your Arduino sh*t and are prepared to get your hands dirty coding your own CV-generating/processing utilities.

How useful it's going to be to anyone else largely depends on if any coders produce and share sketches for it.

It has a dac to allow it to do CVs, but can Audio as well along the same lines as grains. One of the four arduino sketches available so far does noise.
what gives?
This looks very interesting!

I couldn't find any info on what kind of arduino board it's using, and how the inputs and outputs are set up.

I'm trying to find out if i can reconfigure the hardware i/o's with code to have - for instance - 4 cv outs.

Does anyone know?
it has one cv out. 1 trigger/gate in.
the 2 cv in's are mapped to the same as the 2 knobs.
Then there are 2 buttons.
I dont think you can rewire the inputs to be outputs.
Hej. I am just building the DIY Kit from Ginkosynthese TOOL - and i am stucking in the part "DA Converter" - unfortunately the instruction is slightly dizzying. Has anybody a picture of the complete PCB Board ? I am insecure regarding the direction instruction to solder the "pin-headers"...
Thanks in advance
Quick Arduino noob questions about Tool when uploading some sketches:

1-Can I let it powered by my rack when I upload a sketch via usb?
(I would use a usb extension always connected to TOOL.)

If yes...

2-Can I let patch cables connected in it while I’m uploading?

3-Is it normal that the uploaded sketches without errors are only those on the Ginko site? The other ones that are unuploadable came from Ghithub...
I downloaded the libraries for those sketches...

Thanx in advance.
Anybody tried the new codes/sketches for Tool i.e. freeze or this karplus strong mentioned on the ginko website? Please provide options, reviews, short videos or sound? Would be much appreciated!
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