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What does your Ambient rack look like?
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Author What does your Ambient rack look like?
Conrad wrote:

Awesome! Are you sequencing this from the LFSR in CopierMaschine? Or from somewhere else?

also, one of the first things I think I would try with that rack would be to run the chronoblob feedback through the erbe-verb, does that sound AWESOME?

Yes, you nailed it; that's exactly what I'm doing. It's peanut butter jelly time! I have a couple of lfos at different rates going through channels 2 and 3 of Maths and the Sum out goes to the CV input on OnC in CopierMaschine mode. When I need to change up the "melody" I have only to tweak the attenuverters for one or both of those channels.

And yes, Chronoblob's Send -> Erbe-Verb sounds totally awesome. I'm trying to find fun ways to make a sort of feedback loop from the Morphagene to Chronoblob to Erbe Verb and back again somehow, but so far I've mostly just produced mostly just noise.
Great ambient set. And I must ask, where did you get that shirt?!
grep wrote:
Great ambient set. And I must ask, where did you get that shirt?!

It's the Disco Hoodie from BetaBrand:

They have a whole line of shiny clothes as well as some other interesting gimmicks (like sweat pants that look like dress pants). The prices are a little eek! on some of the stuff, but I suppose its reasonable for "fashion".
This is what I've got at the moment, almost full after buying and switching over and over again (Veils and Peaks is in the mail, just sold my lovely uVCA II..). The empty spot next to CLOQ is hopefully being filled up by its expander, CEX. Seems hopeless to find one though. Send me a PM if you've got one to sell help

One of the track I've made with this setup:
[soundcloud url="" params="auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_use r=true&show_reposts=false&visual=true" width="100%" height="450" iframe="true" /]
I recorded this jam a couple of weeks ago. It starts of very ambient and picks up after about 5 minutes

made using this setup

but i just got a 12u case recently and added some more modules and borrowed some from a friend so now its like this.

0-coast is not fixed in the case just trying to make it look less empty.
p woods
Still quite a novice in the modular world, but hey i'm at least getting along well.

Recently added elements which i think is the most crucial module i've aquired this far. the combined depth and simplicity is very pleasing. super versatile with parasites too. amazing for drones if you sustain the notes.

I also want to recommend qu-bit nebulae for those of you who don't know of its many user-generated alternative instruments which you just install via usb. its based on c-sound and pure data which basically means you can implement a max msp patch into your modular. Dead Banana
There's loads of beautiful instruments, ranging from polyfonic VCOs to noise, ring modulators and so on...

my newest track (also featuring a luncbox with morphagene not included above)
[soundcloud url="" params="auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_use r=true&show_reposts=false&visual=true" width="100%" height="450" iframe="true" /]
What makes a rack "ambient", except reveb and delay?
p woods
Wow, awesome track!

I've been tossing the morphagene around in my head a little bit, and it seems great for ambient, and perhaps some vaporwavey stuff too.

What kind of roles are the morphagene and nebulae playing in this patch?
Everything on my latest EP (link available in my sig) was done using only this 9U, some pedal effects, and a digital piano.

There are at least four or five voices patched up simultaneously on it, although I only "play" with one at a time...

Without giving away too much of what exactly is going on, there's a good mix of oscillators (pretty much the entire top row); random voltage; noise; clock; a small sequencer; multiple "character" filters (transistor-ladder, OTA, Vactrol, SSM); simple and complex modulation; "processing" like ring modulation, wavefolding, bitcrushing, sample rate reduction, distortion, etc; sub-octave generation; inputs for connection of external signals and also an effects send/return for pedals; envelopes; mixers; VCAs; and ways to get control from external things like MIDI and other CV devices.

Several outboard reverb pedals and delay pedals round out the setup.

The only thing I really find myself wanting at this point is better and more expressive control. I have a KMI QuNexus that I didn't really get along with, same with the BeatStep. I had a Pressure Points but since it was mounted in this rack, vertically, it was useless and I ended up selling it. Right now I'm thinking of setting up a combination of a Deopfer R2M ribbon, and small skiff with a pair of Pressure Points/Brains might be the move. I'd LOVE something like a Seaboard, but the bloody thing needs a computer to work...

The long term goal is a Music Easel, the short term goal is to approximate a bit of the user interface of that.

Anyway, that's my two cents.

depends on your definition of ambient... for me it's lots of sine waves, sample manipulators and tactile/field recording possibilities.

but the same modules can be used for any type of music. so one's "ambient" rack could be the exact same modules as another's "techno" rack..

it's not the modules but how you use them..

Jaypee wrote:
What makes a rack "ambient", except reveb and delay?
That's a good point. You really can make ambient music with anything, however I think that different choices of instruments would lead to different sounding results. In the end it is about how you use the modules, but the reason there are so many modules to choose from is that they allow and inspire you to use them each in different ways.

I intended for this thread to not just be about what modules people were using, but also to get some insight into how different musicians are utilizing them, to understand just where exactly they land in an ambient patch. The videos people have posted so far have all been great, both for just listing and appreciating, as well as learning.
I'd probably call this my ambient rack if I was forced to describe it as something.

I wanted to put something together that was very focussed and self-contained but that had depth and flexibility. I sometimes feel a large system has too many choices and distractions.

I guess it reflects my interests and tastes in synthesis. Other than the Drone Commander its focus isn't really about subtractive synthesis. The uVCF is used as a sine oscillator more often than a filter. The Warps has Parasites installed. I really like the Chebychev wave folder a lot.

I've spent a lot of time evolving this setup and its only now that I feel I've got it to a point of completion. The only thing I'm feeling it lacks is an ADSR envelope. There are times when I'd like that luxury but my only option now would be to swap out the uVCF which I'm reluctant to do. Maybe I can persuade os to add an ADSR in some future update of Disting.

Anyway, it does things like this

Theres also various short sketches of patch ideas on my Instagram page
Current setup, excluding some floating attenuators, with Disting being the last addition to this rack. Loving this setup, but also looking forward to expanding with a second 104hp 6U case.

A couple of exploratory videos on my YouTube, link in signature


the top row of the top rack is new, but been jamming with the rest for about 2 years now. i jumped into eurorack with mutable instruments because i was interested in making ambient electronic music with 'organic' sounding sources.

when i started making ambient with this system, i usually began with a drone from Elements, using the bow or blow or the chord mode, using shades to keep a gate open. i'd have output from Tides (before Just Friends was in) mult'd into various parameters of Elements (damp, space, timbre), and pass the audio through the SMR, using the envelope followers to create modulation feedback loops in the patch.

then i got really into Rings + Clouds, and ended up with two of each. i like using the two Rings to create two guitar players playing off each other, usually one down in the bass range while the other plays a melody, or two melodies playing together.

i like that Elements, Rings, and the SMR are all resonating modules, making it easy to have them work together to produce sounds.

i also like producing ambient music from samples, and the 2x Clouds and now STS are great for that.

besides sound sources, the next most important thing with ambient is modulation, and, for me, having related and interrelated modulation. my LFOs are always influencing each other in some way, either by FM or waveshaping. Tides and Just Friends work really well together for that purpose. sloths is there for the super slow or subtle massaging. Added Batumi recently because I'm always using every output from JF and Tides. this is also where attenuation becomes very important - luckily many of the Mutable modules have little attenuverters. to avoid drastic modulation and keep it ripbanana, attenuate when u modulate.

for sequencing, i mostly threw very simple sequences into the M32, often using an irregular input clock, but got an Ornament and Crime a little while ago and I can't recommend it enough for generative ambient music. the quantizer apps include several flavors of generative pitch production, from the humble turing machine (4 of those alone sounds wonderful) to integer sequences and bytebeats.
Just recently completed this. Newest additions is the QCD and Mangrove. I run one of the Aux sends from my Mackie mixer into the Reflex Liveloop for sampling everything, with the Line Amp boosting the input signals. I also run everything through the other Mackie Aux send into a Timefactor and an Old Blood Noise Dark Star verb.

I'm really into modulating CV signals for getting complex waveforms and use the uMod for that purpose, and the Cascade and Wave Boss a lot for attenuating and offsetting stuff. The Ladik audio-to-trigger I intend to use to process my Ciat Lonbard Rollz-5 to trigger signals.

top row +noise reap is where I'm at, clouds+rings+maths is potent ambient combo. o_C controlling the whole thing.
Awesome thread! It's peanut butter jelly time!

Here's where I ended up after getting started just over a year ago:

I'm also using Elektron A4 and Monomachine for sequencing, but I've got insane lust for pretty much all the sequencing modules in existence... sigh...

Who am I kidding - I have gas for all the modules, not just the sequencers hihi

Trying to stick with this config for a while though.
So this is my planned rack, mostly DIY (you can recognize mutables DIY by their panels). I still miss Rings, uBraids, Plancks (uFrames), DLFO and Rampage. All other modules are already in the rack except o_C, DVCA and Ripples that i'm building right now and should be ready for the end of the month.

I'm looking fourward to expand my samples-mangling possibilities with a Phonogene (or Morphagene is money permits) and to get a small control skiff to put control modules (Mikrophonie, o_C, maybe some soundmachines ls1 and a joystick).

Suggestions are welcome. Since this is still in building phase I have no tracks to make you listen to but my SC is in the signature so you can get what my sound is.

JonathanBedrava wrote:
It looks something like this:

I don't know if it's strictly limited to ambient, but that's what I've been using it for. The DPO is a pretty good choice for the main VCO... I wish the tuning pots weren't so easy to knock astray. The Morphagene ends up being a powerful tool for livening up the sound in fun and unexpected ways. Coupled with the MMG and the Erbe Verb, I find myself "exploring" for hours. I know it drives my wife crazy.

Here's a live example of using it for some dark, grainy ambient. The only difference is that after recording I swapped the Intelligel Linix for a Wogglebug + LxD:


Excellent videos, system looks quite fun too.

Seems like o+c is a mainstay in many of these racks, which is making me curious. Been toying with making a 84hp x 6u rack of select MN to pair with the below. o+c might fit in well to that configuration.


And something recent, but not so recent anymore, that I did with it and an old Korg multi-effect pedal...


Great thread! Definitely think nearly any rack can make ambient tones, it's more about what comes through the wiggler.

I'll jump in. I've been building this up over the last couple of years. I just expanded a bit (Warps, Streams, Quadra, and the Temps Utile), so I want to play with this set up for a few months before I purchase anything else. That said, I'm really interested in the SMR, Morphagene, Erbe Verb, and possibly putting together a secondary rack with some of the IFM stuff.

I really enjoy self-patching the Batumi for crazy modulations, feedpack patches, especially with Rings and Clouds, pinging Three Sisters for tabla action, and so on. I sequence mostly in Ableton via the ES-3, but I have a Korg SQ-1 that I enjoy, so adding another really hands-on sequencer like Rene might be a direction I take.

AC unit (broken), hair dryer
huron wrote:

Get a Maths
As a complete newbie this is a very interesting thread. At the moment I have very little idea of what I am doing and wondered if any of you guys have done any "how to" youtube vids of setting up simple ambient patches. Would be really helpful to a lot of folks.
This is a good place to start:

(Mylar Melodies we're not worthy )
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