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Cocoquantus as a standalone device
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Author Cocoquantus as a standalone device
I've been looking at Ciat-Lonbarde instruments for a while and would really like to order a Cocoquantus. My only concern is that I don't have any other CV devices and from what I've read and watched it seems like I wouldn't be getting the most out of the Coco without being able to plug in another modular to control the skip/flip.

Would the CQ still be worth it as an audio manipulator if I can't use external CV, or should I just go with the Plumbutter instead ? Or should I wait until I can get the CQ along with a Mother-32 or something similar ? Almost all videos I can find of the CQ have it patched with a different synth so it's hard to judge.
The coco has tons of CV. The whole middle section makes CV. More than enough to modulate all of its inputs. It's an incredibly balanced synth.
The middle section is actually one of the best modulators ever, period. In fact, when I use it with other synths I usually end up modulating the other synths with the cocoquantus! So yes, you should have noooo problem getting started with just the coco. Just keep in mind the range switches of the oscillators and you'll get some great modulations. It was my first store-bought Ciat-Lonbarde, and I was very happy with it by itself.
Yeah, it works rather perfectly as standalone, but then the important thing is to get the lots of bananas SlayerBadger! I'm waiting my bananas on testPath since January and they don't get back to me very frustrating My patience will be over before the end of March. I'll have to find other dealer and maybe will have to wait another month Dead Banana
Thanks for the reassuring answers ! The Cocoquantus has now been ordered. Now to wait a month for the fun to begin. . . .
And don't forget, you can patch the Quantussy triangle oscillators to the Coco inputs, for a totally self-contained synth.
drillkicker welcome in the C-L club, you may find this read useful:
Actually the quantussy oscillator "pentagram" in the middle is basically the perfect modulator for the coco loopers, I have avplumbutter but I mostly use the quantussy to modulate the plum rather than the other way around smile
QUANTUSSY part makes complex modulation even without patching at all. here is a simple demo I took orange and grey audio out into each coco, no patching but just occasionally wiggling pitch and chaos knob, making a fairly complex sound.

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