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Do your PSU's hum or buzz?
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Author Do your PSU's hum or buzz?
Muff, matthias and all,

I stand corrected! oops My Power One is not 'dead quiet' Tombstone as I said earlier. It's only 'near dead quiet'! Ghost

To hear it's faint hum took being in my studio at 2AM (no traffic) with nothing else on, holding my breath and putting my ear in an empty module opening.
Okay, I did a little more research. Apparently, if you want a PSU you can pick up with one or both hands, it's gonna hum a bit. The eddy currents and hysteresis present in the transformer require substantial reinforcement to overcome so, aside from acoustic shielding, there will be noise. The level is also somewhat relative to the current capacity of the unit (assuming equal build quality). The warning sign of a failing winding is the harsh buzz.
whew. that's a relief. i was hoping a slight hum was normal. isolating the ps from the wooden case (mousepad material) also seems to help to not amplify the vibrations through the wood. i recently built two cases w/secondhand powerone hbb-1.5 power supplies ($16 each, with shipping!), and they both hum. now i'll feel ok building the third.
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