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post-swoop opinions?
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Author post-swoop opinions?
I just got a swoop, and was wondering if anyone had opinions on what a good ciat module to pair with it would be.
I'm really interested in textures, so I was thinking dunst might be good, but then again, it seems like denum would pair well.
I'd go for sprott since I'm super interested in the chaos functionality of it, but honestly the demo videos that I've heard really turn me off. I'm not sure if anyone can post something that they find aesthetically pleasing that they've made with it...

Anyway, opinions on where to go next? Thanks!
Swoop can modulate Sprott quite handily. Swoop, Denum, and Sprott can do a lot together. Of course Swoop can also oscillate.
If you're into crackly crunchy weird textures fourses is what you want. If you like the pingy resonant harmonic sounds grab a sprott. Sprott also has a great "tooth" to the resonance that really adds a great naturalistic texture to anything you pass through it. Peter describes it as "hairy" in his demo vid.

Of course, I think what you'll really find is that you need all four of the core to really make everything shine

Using barres also really opens up the scope of what you can get from everything as a whole. The best textures are coaxed out through movements and barre squishes are a great way to add those gestures in an intuitive way.
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