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Folktek Mescaline is live on Indiegogo!
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Author Folktek Mescaline is live on Indiegogo!
Awesome! Thank you! One more newbie, question though... there is a constant pitch coming out of Channel with nothing patched. How do I stop it?
Infinity Curve
That's the 'noise' paired with the reverb, if you want to minimise that and avoid any clipping, flip it over so you can get at the trimmers on the bottom, and turn the one marked osc gain and the R out and L out ones to zero. Or all the way left/counter clockwise. The noise will be drastically reduced, and the output levels when you touch the pads should be better, especially with more than one pad at once.
This is why I think I might actually have a broken Channel. If I do exactly as you say then i get no signal at all. Even with touch control cranked. Then if I raise oscillator level slightly I get siginal, but it is a constant chord, unvarying in amplitude, and it changes with the pitch knob. If I slobber on my fingers I can get a note, but it is half the volume of the constant chord, which is different than the noise floor which is taking up half of the spectrum. It's physical pitches, it sounds like stuck notes on a keyboard. The triggers notes are background whispers, and reverb is totally dry. And my "mix" knob does not mix from dry to wet when I have L and R patched in my mixer. it only attenuates the volume.

Also, there is no setting I can find where I have good levels from the trigger touch notes. Also, as a side note one of the touch plates, seems to be 300% more sensitive then the others. It's the one at 11 O'clock closest to the pitch knob.

I have contacted Folktek and they have asked for pix of the unit which I have sent. they seem really cool, so I'm not worried.

But I do think this problem is beyond improper calibration simply because I just can't trigger a proper note at any setting...

Nothing is patched when doing this experiment...

One other side note when I run external audio into it, I get huge clean levels. I'll post what happens/ Rockin' Banana! Miley Cyrus SlayerBadger!
Infinity Curve
Strange, I have a recording of the noise before I calibrated mine, and it definitely sounded like you are describing, full on drone. Not sure on your settings but I have mine zeroed and getting sound. If I bring any of them up, the drone noise comes back with a vengeance.

If you are trying to trigger the pads with the key inputs, these are generally quieter as it is only opening it for a quick burst while the gate is high. Try connecting one of the key points in the little bank above the actual pad key inputs to one of those inputs, you should get a constant drone now from that pad - is it any better? Not sure on the one pad being more sensitive.

Also, you are listening to left and right separately, not as a stereo pair, yes? And with mix knob centered you are not getting dry left and reverb on right? Try turning the filter to the right, say 3/4 clockwise and bring the feedback up to about the same - anything? Have you tried to see if you get anything out of the other effects?

Hope you get this figured out
Thanks man. You're awesome. I'm going to try all these things today! I'll let you know if it helps this particular unit.

Have a great weekend

Infinity Curve
Good luck and let us know what you find, or what kind of responses come from Folktek. Seems they are on top of things as far as getting back to people with issues, but always good to post here so people reading may see something that explains an issue they are having as well and avoid some head scratching.

I've just had another session with it, and I think I'm zeroing in on at least one reason for the trouble. Channel seems to be locked into a full wet only mode. So, when I turn it to the right, the Reverb comes up and you hear volume for the first time, and if you turn it left where the dry signal should be, you just get nothing. This would explain why the notes are getting so lost. I'm only hearing the Reverb. I discovered this by trying the other FX, and realized that the delays were full tilt constantly, and that there was no way to adjust the FX amount. Alot of what I'm experiencing can be attributed to this.

The calibration you suggested GREATLY reduced the noise, and fixed the touchpad levels but only so far as you would be able to hear in a "full wet" reverb mix. So, just this problem and the number 3 pad giving a huge pop when you touch it are my problem. Obviously I need a repair. smile I'm pretty happy to have figured this out though!! Miley Cyrus
Infinity Curve
Are you listening to left out on 1 mono channel and right out on 1 mono channel? Left is your dry signal, right is your wet, it's not a stereo output, don't know why he chose to call them left and right. If you pan the mix knob, it actually seems to be panning the levels on the dry left output and the right wet output. So if you pan hard left on the mix, it all comes out the dry left output, hard right all out the wet right output. Centre it and you have equal outputs at both.
Totally. Yes, that exact setup. Panning the Mescaline mix knob left, gives bascially silence unless you give it 95DB of gain, and then it's super super quiet. Turn it to the right and about 20% of the way right, there is a click and sound jumps about 40 DB, and you get full wet reverb. All the way to the right and it seems to even out and there is a nice wide stereo field of Reverb which sounds great. But there is no dry signal at all. I've listened to some nice videos of people playing melodies that are a nice dry/wet mix, and there is no way I'm getting that here. It's just full wet.
I moved onto checking Mental. DUDE, this one is not fucked up and even it if is, it sounds so fucking awesome. the levels are right, and the sound is unlike anything in my studio. holy shit. Miley Cyrus
Infinity Curve
Ya, I've been exploring the pots on Mental this evening and various configurations. Getting some really nice drones out of Mental.

Definitely sounds like somethings up with your Channel though seriously, i just don't get it
Kid Narco
Some thoughts after a few days tinkering. It is an undeniably gorgeous object but it's also fiddly as fuck. I'm still pretty mystified by most of the headers on the left hand side, nor have I hit upon the magic combination that makes any of the pots around the sequencer function. Is anyone really flying with this thing yet?
I'm also experiencing an odd phenomenon, plugging a wire into the trigger block I get a crisp, clear sound but as soon as I let go of the wire it becomes a muddy mushy noise. If I plug enough of them into the trigger panel then the sheer tangle of wires touching each other seems to restore definition. There are still huge gaps in my understanding so I'm not convinced there's actually anything wrong with it yet.
Infinity Curve
You need to make sure you connect one of the clock divisions to the cv sequencer clock input point, then you just add a step with the add button, and you will see the LEDs light up as it cycles around the 8 steps. Now adjust your sequencer knobs and the cv output will be present at the 1/8in cv output and the mini jump points on the left, as well as clock outputs based on the sequencer steps as well. Now you can jumper the cv output to control the pitch on channel or plug it into the mod section or mental. If you want sequence steps and cv on channel, just patch the 1/8 in cv output to the 1/8in pitch cv input on channel and then jumper from the cv clock out to one of the key inputs on channel. Now it triggers that pad on each step of the sequencer and the cv dictates the pitch. Something that also may not be clear, if you want to use the pitch cv jumper input on the left of channel, you first need to plug a dummy cable into the 1/8in pitch cv input to break the normalization.

And agreed on the cables being fiddly, I've found the same thing. It's like an intermittent connection sometimes, if you brush it or bump it, it changes. Matter was the same way though, so don't think it's broken.

Hope that helps
Just received mine today. Got it all set up, patched and....

This thing is fucking awesome! So much room to get creative. I have spent a pretty short amount of time with it thus far. As of yet I'm not sure how you get those short, clicky beats out of Mental but I'll get there. It's really what I was hoping it would be which is an instrument with lots of happy accidents waiting to happen! My only complaint thus far would fall in line with others about the short-wired wall wart.

The tuning/calibration process of channel took a little time to get honed in and with multiple notes it does tend to clip when pitched to the lower frequencies especially. Is that true for others, or am I missing something?
once you start getting creative with Mental and Motion the clicky beats will reveal themselves. Get into those patch pots! The more CV you send it, the cooler it gets.

Anyway, just an update on mine. Turns out my Channel has been damaged somehow, but the amazing team up in Portland are taking very very good care of me. I've since bought two more instruments from them because I don't think a synth has ever inspired me more than a folktek one. Something about how it sounds so organic and alien just lights my brain on fire!

The thing is just a wid circuit. You just have to go on a trip with it and don't try to control it as much. Let it fuck around with your mind Miley Cyrus
denuir wrote:

The tuning/calibration process of channel took a little time to get honed in and with multiple notes it does tend to clip when pitched to the lower frequencies especially. Is that true for others, or am I missing something?

For me the lower notes are louder than the higher notes, especially the lowest note.
A couple of vids, still trying to figure these thing out. Especially the patch potentiometers .... anyone figured it out yet?

Infinity Curve
The patch pots are explained in the Mental section of the manual. Basically, it seems you want to connect the 'Main' to a point, and then connect the A or B outputs, or both, to other points, now turning the knob 'does stuff' depending on what you have it patched to. Definitely some experimentation involved to find configurations that do interesting things. You can also get the triggers, CV or Mod section involved on these as well. Still exploring this myself.

This evening I plan on breaking out my Bastl Kastl and see how they play together
Kid Narco
Infinity Curve should consider changing that handle to Infinite Patience. Thanks for hand-holding the dim-witted. I am cooking with gas now, admittedly a form of swamp gas but things are definitely becoming clearer.
I've never encountered ground connections with my modular. Is there a general rule for their application?
Infinity Curve
They would likely be used if you were making some kind of adapter from say 1/8in to mini patchpoints or if you wanted to connect to something else that uses the mini patch cables, like the Kastl or some of the other Bastl things, or for when you are breaking out the power. Seems you can use the power with the breadboard thing below the main patch panel on mental to build powered circuits too. Aside from that there doesnt really seem to be any use for them. Think of it like banana gear, where each piece of gear has a ground plug on it somewhere that must be connected to the other piece of gear's ground input, since banana cables, like these mini dupont cables used by Folktek, are single conductor cables, so they only carry the signal, not the signal AND ground, which isnt an issue when patching internally, but once you connect to another piece of gear you would need to share the ground between them. Grounding is handled for the whole unit at the ground plug.

So say I want to connect my Kastl to Mescaline with the dupont cables, I would need to connect from a ground point on Kastl to a ground point on Mescaline before I can start patching back and forth, albeit if you were connecting the 1/8in audio from Kastl to the 1/8in right input on Channel for the effects, that would cover your grounding and you could then freely connect cv points between the 2 with the dupont cables

Hope I didnt just confuse you more thumbs up Glad to hear you are starting to get somewhere with it
Learning my way around slowly. Simple sequence on Motion sending pitch CV Channel. I ran the output through a filter and added some percussion.

My first session with it. Mescaline straight into DAW.

I've got mine assembled and powered but I'm still at the troubleshooting stage. Out of the box and unpatched, what should the expected behavior be for Channel? Both when idle and when touching the sensor pads?
Could anyone confirm if it's normal - I have NO SOUND at all out of L-OUT when I set the mix knob to the maximum. Is it normal behavior?
Infinity Curve
That is normal. Read through the last couple pages of this thread and its explained.
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