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Folktek Mescaline is live on Indiegogo!
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Author Folktek Mescaline is live on Indiegogo!
UglyCasanova wrote:
Hmm, starting to look like 500 will be achievable with ease.

I don't know. It has really slowed down in the last 24 hours. We will see 250, but if the last 24 is an indicator of how well it will keep going, 500 would surprise me. I would like to be surprised and proven wrong though.
Yeah, according to my predictions and considering the current rate there needs to be a surge in the last few days of people who do not want to miss the indiegogo deadline in order to reach 500. I'd be happy too if that happens though.
Yeah, the first few days are always the fastest. It's going to be a tough run to make it to 500........... UNLESS..........

We all buy seconds! MY ASS IS BLEEDING

screaming goo yo
Have faith y'all. Have faith! help
Just in case you haven't already heard these, here are two tracks by Arius Blaze of Folktek using only the Mescaline system. These are great and I'm looking forward to hearing more of the possibilities this system offers! rding
[s] ecording[/s]
 [s] e-2[/s]
A lot of the sounds and functionality are similar to the Folktek Triad which I just got.

Still learning it in pieces. Here's a very simple patch made on the Materia with cv control through the Aether. Outputs on the Aether and Mentalis are NOT connected here. The materia is creating the percussive sounds and bass while the Aether is pulling in the cv from the sequencer of the Materia and i'm using the cv keyboard on the Aether which the voltage response travels through your body to affect the Materia (again, only output is through the Materia)

Jim's computer beats
Well, I couldn't resist backing this up. Very impressed with the sounds (and looks). Price seems fair too! I took the Silver (and seem to be in the minority, here at least). Can't wait! hyper
I pledged copper then changed to silver.

Personally I don't like the green oxidation the copper gets with age. But ymmv.

These are probably like the newer Matters. I don't think they will oxidize at all. Not sure if they are really even copper.
First stretch goal hit smile. So we get the fx control.
Some new sounds posted on SoundCloud

Next goal looks challenging, but never say never
Infinity Curve
nickbaba wrote:
I pledged copper then changed to silver.

Personally I don't like the green oxidation the copper gets with age. But ymmv.

Thats a patina on Matter, it's not an age thing.
I love the verdigris on my Matter, I was upset when my Conduit came in the fresh copper finish.
Ah OK - thanks for the info. I thought it was an age thing. I was wrong.

Guess that's a good thing - the clean copper finish does look badass.
this really does melt my boat,
and then i start scrambling cross the lint in my pockets for the ....

Not much cash at the moment confused
I shall Bananallama! , and in 8 days i shall return with the !!!

Looking at the estimated sales price of the unit, 699 bucks, seems cheap even? At 449 its a steal nearly....
Will Folktek be able to deliver these at that price i wonder? Looking at the price of the usual eurorack modules... .


How would these interact with the olegtron 4060 i wonder?
I really shouldn't spend money on this for various many many reasons. Youtube vids didn't hit me, that's good. My old eyes would be pain to patch those tiny thing, anyway. I don't need it.

Then, Channel solo SoundColud demo...

OMG, I was already typing in my cc number... Dead Banana

Now fingers crossed for reaching 500!
I've been enjoying the idea of getting Matter in my drum oriented rack. Planning on having a Varigate 8/Voltage Block combo be the heart of the system. What I'm not seeing on Mental's front faceplate is the amount of CV inputs as Matter has. Do they really only want me to send gates from other Folktek gear that has a breadboard? Does Mescaline have any type of Gate/Clock input? The price point at $450 for the entire Mescaline system or Matter which is currently $450 at Control Voltage right now. Internally debating about committing to this system...
The Mental module has two jacks that can be linked to one of the DuPont connectors, so that you can control some parameters from external sources.

Motion has a clock in jack, too (and two clock outputs and two CV outputs as minijack connectors too).

It's all visible on the pictures smile
Seems strange that the offer to buy 2 is the same price as buying one???? Am I missing something?
One complete system: $449

Two complete systems: $898

Free shipping if you buy 2
Nelson Baboon
Is there a gratuitous negativity icon?
Nelson B ???
Actually the explanation is simple and related to how Kickstarter or Indiegogo and other crowdfunding work.

In general you can only pledge ONCE, so those people that want 2 x the "early bird" or "first wave" or ... at the lower price need to take the "2x" pledge, instead of 2 x the "1x" pledge as they can't do that.

That's why in general you'll often find a "1x" early bird and a "2x" early bird where each individual item is priced the same. Those "2x" pledges are (again generally) not intended to give even more price deductions, just the oportunity to get 2 x the early bird.

edit: there are ways arround this, some campaigns will allow addon buys through the "pledge manager", some will allow late pledges after the campaign has closed and some will even let you paralel buy through an alternate medium whatever number of items you like in addition to your pledge. Just as long as you stay within the standard, you can only pledge once so there's these 2x etc pledges available.
Purchased! My only dealing with crowd funding is that damn Arpeggio where the engineer went awol and we are all still waiting.

I trust Folktek way more.
gotta get 350!!
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