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Max for Live audio gate?
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Author Max for Live audio gate?
can anyone out there recommend a nice M4L audio effect to create interesting gates to process audio? there used to be an old crappy VST called trance gate or something that i kind of miss; you could draw in and sequence strange envelope shapes.. wasn't able to find anything good on M4L and i cant handle the ableton forum anymore. any help would be appreciated.
Not sure what trance gate does but sounds like you're looking for some automated / stepped gating effect?

My suggestion would be to either checkout the M4L Api examples LFO and CtrlGridSeq and map to a utility gain (or anything else). They should come included with your M4L install, otherwise it's a free package (

Opens up a world of possibilities when you realize you can put a lfo / seq on pretty much any ableton parameter.
Good advice above.

Building something like this is pretty simple, but if you're looking for something pre made, give me a couple days, and I'll have something very similar.

I'm working on a CV generation (envelopes, gates, notes, LFOs, etc) device, that will also be able to be mapped to any Live parameter. If you're interested I could drop you a line when it's in a presentable state.
hey - thanks for the replies..

im pretty sure i could knock something together too - just wanted to check if someone had done one already; wouldnt want to waste time if there was one that was done better

and its always nice to have a patch as a starting point as something to improve upon .

dont worry about me, but would gladly try out anything youre working on, datalf1ow thumbs up
I'm pretty sure you will find what you want in the Pluggo For Live (free) MFL pack available from your Ableton account. The device Xformer should give you some fun gating action...
No need for max or anything extra. There is a built in gate plugin in Live that has a sidechain input.

You can create an extra synth or audio track, set its output to sends only (so you can't hear it). Then you select the sends only track as the sidechain input on the gate on your first track. Now your first tracks output level is controlled by the second track.

This is basically the same as, on a modular, running one signal through an envelope follower and using the output to control a vca of another signal.

Another gating effect you can do is using an Auto Pan effect. Set it to tempo sync, set the offset to 0 and increase the amount and shape to full. You can run a singal through mseveral Auto Pan in a row, set to different clock sync divisions to get interesting effects.
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