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Power Supply for Pedals
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Author Power Supply for Pedals
I have a first year HT Dual. I am looking for a back-up power supply for my unit. Has anyone found anything that will replace these? I'm assuming BLACKSTAR doesn't sell power supplies separately.
I hope someone steps up & makes something that can run 2 or 3 pedals at once. We're seeing some companies offering this for EVENTIDE pedals, but it's a slow go for other juice hungry pedals. Someone needs to specifically address juice requirements for BLACKSTAR pedals & multiple pedals at that. I found a power supply that would work but it is ridiculously expensive.
You don't mention what kind of power you need... Or what you have in mind to spend...

There are a number of manuf. that make power that deliver a range of voltages and current levels.

I have the goliath and chameleon to power pedals and Ciat Lonbarde instruments made by...

No complaints... Built like a "tank".
This could handle one HT Dual plus other non-Blackstar pedals:

But I don't think it can handle two pedals at 22V DC and 1.1A.
If you don't want to buy a big power supply and you just want a back-up wall wort / AC Adapter you could try buying a Universal Laptop adapter.

They sell them with switches that change the output voltage. This one provides up to 4A at 22V DC: Power-Supply-for-Laptop-Samsung/331798974297

That one comes with a 2.1mm and 2.5mm tip, so you should have one that fits.


Scratch that - looks like they *are* center positive:
Jason Brock
I just got a Strymon Ojai which I really like. It's tiny and provides 500mA on each of the five outputs. Comes with a "lump in the middle" type power cord, sort of like a laptop.

EDIT: btw they are all 9V, didn't realize your HT pedal needed higher voltage.
try here
those black stars are brutal - 16VAC yeah?
ben jah men
I'm saving for a Ciokolate.
I did a quick search and found this image of a power supply

And a quick search of the model number (ktec KA12A160080045D) found this replacement on Amazon: B00MPBEPN0


And then I found this site:

where member vinnygalbo made a single post that is identical to lukebarber's post here . . and in response member Ice-9 recommended the same supply on Amazon I suggested. confused
Just me
I have dozens of 16.5VAC 25 and 40 VA WALL WARTS. Not hard to find, not expensive.
I have a Peavey wall wart 12 VAC with 1000ma for a quirky Eowave pedal (Sci Fi Bug) - incredibly cheap. No big deal to get - and I dwell in the darkest corner of Africa.......
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