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Still waiting for the AM8060 Jupiter 6 filters!!
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Author Still waiting for the AM8060 Jupiter 6 filters!!
Hello Rob and hello to everyone in the muffwiggler Amsynths community. I just wanted to express my desire and love for the AM8060 jupiter 6 filter and that I cant wait to buy the new version of 2017. hyper hyper hyper hyper hyper
Any news?
I've wanted one for several years now. Here's hoping.
Yes, I'm on the waiting list. I'm starting to loose hope... Dead Banana
The 8060 is my favorite of the AMSynths filters. I picked one up from their store one night on a random check. lucky! I had the Jove filter (similar) and sold it.

I just noticed today that Ladik's F-510 Synare VCF is based on the Roland Juno-6. From the Ladik website: "...Same filter topology as Roland Juno-6, Juno-106 and many other synths (4-stage first order LPFs w. feedback)."

Are those similar to the Jupiter 6 filter topology?
The AM8060 is nice indeed! I think the topology might be the same (I'm not an expert though) but the sound is quite different. You can look up the differences here:
Even has some of the schematics.
According to this list, all are 4 OTA stage integrated in one chip. But my AM8060 sounds different from my AM8106 and AM8105. So you need all of them. hihi
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