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Determining Key Voltage
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Author Determining Key Voltage
morning guts
Any of you handy individuals might be able to steer me in the right direction?

I'm trying to determine what voltage is sent by a key press on my Korg Poly Ensemble (or PE-1000, if ya nasty.)
I was looking for the schematics to work out how the machine works before buying one, because I think they sound great. Could only find this scrap: which shows one of the individual voices but no details about whats going to it or where it's coming from without the rest of the diagrams. I'd say it will be a simple gate voltage (same voltage) for each key and I'm guessing each key will be a basic switch so if you look for the part of the circuitry where the key closes a switch and measure the voltage that is produced by that switch with a meter, that'll do the trick.

Personally I was looking for the bit of the schematics that shows how the lfo controls the oscillators so I could add a cv input, still not sure if it's possible but I'd like to buy one if I knew I could add that.
morning guts
Here's the rest of the schematics: pdf

Thanks for the help. I want to MIDIfy mine, but I am wildly, hilariously, out of my depths.

You should get one. It sounds really incredible, particularly in the upper registers. Microtunable, too, if that's your bag. And the league of oscillators gives you so many fun capacitors to replace![/url]
Yeah I'll probably get one now, esp if it has the same filter as the 700s, which I think it does. I just thought, Kenton do a midi retrofit for the Korg ps-3100 which probably triggers notes in a similar way. Not sure if that helps.
Really interesting, so all it would need is a midi to gate converter, with each gate connected to each key ?
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