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Starting out as a vj
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Author Starting out as a vj
HI All,

A few questions and a bit of background on me.

I want to do more as a VJ, more for clubs than bands.

I have a lot of Computer graphics experience , I'm head of 3D at a Soho VFX house in London.

For my real time video synth stuff I will be using Touch Designer. Its a sibling of Houdini a piece of software that I have been using for something like 20 years.

I think my main thing is getting those first few gigs?
How does everyone here get onto the VJ circuit?
I can string together a pretty cool set. Do people work in conjunction with a DJ or just have lots of preset stuff they work with interactively with the music?
Do people use Midi pulses from VJ or time from the audio?

I really don't expect to be paid for quite a while . I'm doing this for shits and giggles rather than any monetary reward, at least in the short term anyway.

I do have a VJ name though .... "Old Guy"

Thanks in advance
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