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Midi to CV converter for Buchla and 4U banana system
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Author Midi to CV converter for Buchla and 4U banana system
Hi, I've drawn a panel to adapt the awesome Thomas Spangemacher MUC-810 circuit :

Building was fine and so far everything works like expected.
I will setup Midi In/Thru plugs at the back of 203 case .

I did a pretty generic panel so i can see what i'm gonna use most, use pitchbend or modwheel or assign CC. I could also use the 1V out for Serge pitch...

Every outputs are 0 - 10V and you can choose different range for each output (besides pulse outs). Also need to try the ADSR to make the Pulse needed to fire the 208 and sustain the ENV. A lot of useful features inside, i think to use the clock out with the white banana.

This looks amazing! Will you be offering panels for sale?
Hello, I'm not able to print and cut the panel. Sure I will share the panel FPD file later. Schaeffer (Germany) did the cut and digital printing for 66e.
The calibraion here is 8 x 1.2v/oct 8 x 1V/oct 8x 10V pulse. First i have to test every function with sequencer and see how everything work : portamento, polyphony...
I can eventually mount a kit if you like, just send me a private mail, also the panel could be improve for each use, different label...etc
Here we go !
we're not worthy
very fucking cool
now if some evil genius puts an illegal preset manager
the 225e can go to the early grave where it belongs

Rockin' Banana!
Yep!! Preset manager is the thing!! For now the ability to play polyphony with the Buchla is something i never did before so easily, i mean patching just 4 voices and playing the system as an organ, it feels like to invent the wheel...
That looks great!
I came across these MUC 800 series a while ago but never bought it.
What's your experience with it?
Could you post a picture of the backside of the panel?

I've got a MUC400 DIY-version (eg. older model) installed to one of my synths behind a custom panel. It's pretty brilliant as it's very, very configurable and accurate, and you can save a number of different custom setups for the different output channels.
Indeed! You have 4 memories to record specific setup. I will post a video if you wish with different patch but i'm sure you know already what we're talking about.

At the beginning i though i could add synovatron converters and a CVP. But the screen board is too large and i want to keep room between plugs. It was not possible to fit everything.

The module is very stable, The module was On for many hours, no problem. And i save my work when did a change so i don't loose my work.

I got 8x1.2v (eventually max. 16x1.2V), 8x1V/oct , 8x Digital Trig or Gate ; I will use 1V/oct (10V range) for Pitchbend, velocity, ctrllers...

In polyphonic mode i then have maximun 8 voices Pitch+ Vel +Trig/Gate.

The 0-10V range mode is enough to trig even the pulser from 208 rev1 & rev2

I will use 1 of the 4 memories (setup preset) to sequence rythm : as you can divide the receiving midi clock and route the signal to any of the 24 outputs, the module is then a pulse divider. Division allowed from 1 to 96 by step of 1!!
----> 96 = 1 clock pulse

There's different modes for priority or filtering notes, triggering with note number only etc...if you use midi generators and randomly picking values, isolating notes from one channel...
The portamento works great, i did not try the ctrl. cont. for now and there's other features, look at the manual.

This is a kind of prototype, and it would be much cleaner to make a mounting pcb for leds and plugs, really doable.


I've just cut a breadboard piece to mount the push buttons and a piece of foam under the spacer.

that's just beautiful w00t

I've updated the files attached on the top of this page :

I share the editable fpd, if you want to make your own design and want to keep the drill layout. And also the "ready to order " panel, pdf for the text layer.


This is great! Can't wait to implement the procedure. Thank you so much for posting this!
The panel came out great from FPE, but note the MIDI LED indicator hole is smaller than 3mm.
Thank you for catching the error!! I've corrected the fpd
If you need to convert the MUC for 1.2v :

Solder SMD 100k ohm resistors.
The picture will show the 8 positions to solder the resistors for CV Out 1-8.

You have to make an adjustment for each Out with their respective trimmers for a correct 1.2V/oct gradient corresponding to Offset/Tune (83.3mV) and Offset/Tune (0.32mV).

After this procedure the modified 1.2v/oct outputs (Out 1-8) needs a special Offset/Tune setup. For each of your special modified 8 outputs you must set the value to +5
-----> value +5 for "Offset/Tune (83.3mV)" and +5 for "Offset/Tune (0.32mV)".

By default the value under menu point "Offset/Tune (83.3mV)" is 0 (zero). It will be also set to zero if you reset the MUC setups.



If anyone's keen, im going to cut this design onto the brushed anodized material that ive been working with recently.

Ive not costed it yet, but im usually cheaper than the other options smile

Ill post up a photo here when its done.
I'd like that cool
I've actually got 2-off on the current job. Cuurrently engraved - will infill and mill them later today. As I said, same material as the blanks you have there.
As promised -

I currently have 2-off these cut.

I have just added the panels to my 'shop' -

The price is about the same as FPDs printed price (very slightly cheaper for EU buyers) but the difference is that the parts from me are on the brushed material (that FPD does not supply). My parts are engraved.
Excellent! applause
here's a link for the push buttons : D6R10LFS-Itt vF4DwOPCjWruG%2fXeVQ==
julian wrote:
As promised -

I currently have 2-off these cut.

1 panel sold, 1 remaining.

[edit - all gone]

If there is interest, ill cut more, but probably not for a week or two now.
oh this looks amazing! we're not worthy
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