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FINALLY! I believe I have gotten to the bottom of the invalid session and logout issues. Please continue to report your own experience in the appropriate threads in the "Forum Discussion and Requests" subforum. Thank you all for your patience and support! <3

Notches in Omni
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Author Notches in Omni
I'm sure I'm showing my ignorance here but I've been doing some simple demos for the omni filter.

I've always liked a number of the middle settings - ie when you get two lights coming up. I always thought that when you have both LP and BP or both BP and HP then you were simply in an intermediate state.

Doing some sweeps and then looking on a scope I'm seeing a notch appear - I know that when you put filters of different types in series or parallel you then create new types but I thought this was a simple cross fade.
Any video of the scope? I'd be interested in seeing the effect.
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