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Erica Synths Fusion Delay/Vintage Ensemble high noise output
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Author Erica Synths Fusion Delay/Vintage Ensemble high noise output
hi guys !

anybody with an fusion delay V2 here ?

iam getting a very high noise output on the "long" delay starting on the last quarter of the colour knob.
on the "short" delay its still a bit of noise but much much less then on the "long"

this doesnt sound right at all to me !??
That kind of noise is actually quite common with bucket Brigade delay units. I think the colour knob effectively filters it out which is why you're noticing it more towards the end of the knob's turn. It usually, as you say, gets worse at longer delay settings. I don't know the Erica module in question that well but I am aware that it can introduce this kind of noise at certain settings
i know they can have noise ..but.....
this is a very high noise floor and i only have to put it on long and turn the delay time just a tiny bit and its noisy after 3 o clock on the colour !
so time dosnt matter,its the long chip that causing it instantly ...

hey there fella! i also have the vintage ensemble v2 and can confirm that my unit exhibits the same behavior but i'm pretty sure this is normal. usually, with bbd type of devices there is high noise and the circuits that use them usually have filtering built in to them as to curtail this "undesirable" effect. i'm pretty sure that the dudes over at erica decided to leave the bbd noise in the circuit with the filtering variable/optional/user-definable.
from my experience there is quit a bit of mysterious ju-ju going on with this module. i'm assuming its due to how the tube is incorporated into the circuit(after bbd and fed back into the input. Play around with low input levels and modulate the cv with various sources and combinations of little to no overdrive and notice how the behavior/flavor can change drastically.
just a touch(ie almost one hatch mark ccw from colour knob's end of travel) eliminates almost all of the his. if that's not your style, consider a few steep 24db/oct filters in series placed after effect as an alternative.
this module is not a "crank it all to 11" sort of device. try really subtle changes of settings in relation to input level.
hope that helps
Most old uses of BBDs used companders (compressor into BBD into expander) to reduce noise. They are extremely noisey without compansion at anything other than very short delays or very low tuned frequency lowpass output filter..
i have a new unit on the way..
letz wait and see !
thx erica applause
got the new one today...
much much better !!
so there was something wrong or the chip was extra noizzy !?
Rockin' Banana!
was the noise worse than this?
48k 24bit file. no input. 100% wet no feedback delay time almost fully CW.
color is set fully clockwise for most of recording and slowly backed off by one notch.
wondering cuz this noise is loud but i thought was normal
I know this thread has been dormant for a while but I figured that I would post in case someone else had a similar issue.

I've been reading up on BBDs for a short while now and I remember reading an article that talks about how many BBD pedals like the memory man etc have trimpots for balancing the output of the two BBD channels as well as things like the bias voltage on the clock driver. By having trimpots the manufacturer can be more precise, so that the amount of noise is kept at a minimum.

While I don't condone just meddling with trimpots all willy nilly and sticking screwdrivers in your modules, it might be worth finding out from ericasynths which trimpots do what, and altering them by ear until you hit the sweet spots as pushing them too far in either direction supposedly shouldn't damage the module. However, I recommend taking extreme caution and speaking to the manufacturer beforehand just in case.

Hope this helps anyone with BBD troubles smile

Here is the aforementioned article: -brigade?page=4
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