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A-111-4 Quad Precision VCO
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Author A-111-4 Quad Precision VCO
Doepfer announce this quad vco for summer 2017 that sound good:

Doepfer link

Controls, inputs and outputs for each of the four VCOs:
- 1V/Octave CV input
- Octave switch (+1 / 0 / -1 octave)
- Tune control (range internally adjustable by jumpers: ~ 2 semitones / ~1 octave / ~4 octaves)
- Modulation CV input
- Modulation destination Frequency Modulation (FM) or Pulsewidth Modulation of the rectangle (PWM)
- Modulation intensity
- Triangle output
- Sawtooth output
- Rectangle output (about 50% without external PWM)
- Sync input (hard or soft sync internally selectable via jumper, CEM3340 hard sync type)
min. 10 octaves range (with appropriate external CV)
- CEM3340 based VCO (triangle core)
- each VCO has it's own separate internal +/- power supply for each for best stability and the prevention of unwanted synchronisation of the VCOs

Controls, inputs and outputs of the master section:
- 1V/Octave CV input
- Octave switch (+1 / 0 / -1 octave)
- Tune control (range internally adjustable by jumpers: 2 semitones / 1 octave / 4 octaves)
- Frequency Modulation CV input (FM)
- FM intensity
- Triangle sum output
- Sawtooth sum output
- Rectangle sum output
- as soon as the single waveform output of a VCO is patched this waveform of the VCO in question is removed from the sum
- CV output (outputs the sum CV that is used to control all four VCOs)
- bus CV (selectable via jumper)

It looks crowded, quite un-Doepfer. But it looks very promising for €400.

When I saw "PM/FM" I thought it was a digital module, but it looks like it's analog and PM really means PWM.
interesting, it utilizes four of the re-issued CEM3340G chips, like the other two osc from the 111 series.

there's obvious polyphonic applications, but am thinking of potential for multi oscillator drones. somewhat skimpy on the modulation front tho. beside v/oct, you have to choose btwn pwm and fm for a single mod input.

wish it had sine wave too, love using clouds/swarms of detuned sines. probably not viable in this form factor, as each cem needs additional waveshaping circuitry to produce a sine wave. hence only their 111-2 has it onboard.

but price point is good, as getting four dixies or 111-3 for added flexibility, would run you over 600.
The price kinda makes me wonder whether I really need sine waves.
Any word on this? Anyone get one yet?
No really news excepted on the Doepfer link we can see prototypes evolution since Superbooth:

Toggle switches change

Much bigger => 18hp instead of 16hp.
The Doepfer page was recently update to expected delivery for Sept 2017.
that is killer module, been waiting for it since announcement. more details would be nice, since it should be very close to production now...
Triangle core like their new VCOs or?
ianross wrote:
Triangle core like their new VCOs or?

Yes! According to the Doepfer product page;

CEM3340 based VCO (triangle core)
OlivierWah wrote:
Much bigger => 18hp instead of 16hp.

Are you actually serious? 2hp is "much bigger"?

Looks badass. I can always use more saw VCOs that actually track 1v/oct reliably
this really looks like a well designed module. Not in my future really as I love my old a-110's but if I was buying new this would be super tempting.
They're still trying to cram in 10 jacks vertically and that's not good, especially not when the horizontal spacing is crammed too. But that's the "l3ss HP plz!" world we live in now, I guess.
Oh my this with an arpitecht plus triad would be melody heaven...
As much I love my 143-4, this may take its place in my euro-poly.
pinkflag16 wrote:
As much I love my 143-4, this may take its place in my euro-poly.

I was thinking about that too. But the a-143-4 can be a very slow LFO also. Worth keeping for that IMO
Any news on this?

I emailed Dieter months ago and he said it was in production and expected to be available at the end of August.

I've been using the A-143-4 quad VCO/LFO, it just doesn't have the stability for VCO usage.
On the website, it's for this month... Dont know if it's true, maybe more in one or two months, I dont know.
I want to hear this first. I have a pair of A-111-1s and have been looking at replacing them due to the size and also not quite liking the pulse wave.
Finally available, my most awaited module of the year, but want to see demos before jumping in, what are your thoughts?
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