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interviewed on the intertubes
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Author interviewed on the intertubes
I just got interviewed this week by an online art magazine because of my noisecore busking here's a link to the fun: iew#more-534
it's got synth noise...
Thanks for posting! I totally agree with what you said about more people busking. I'd like to do it, but my gear weighs at least 10 times what yours does. I might be able to figure it out. There is a downtown mall where I live, where you see lots of buskers of all sorts.
I'm glad you liked it! my best advice if you're going to go out to the street is figure out the bare minimum of what you'd need and take that. I have a bag and anything that can't fit in it doesn't go busking with me.

Also be prepared to answer a lot of questions from people, I can't tell you how many times I've had to tell folks that no, I'm not playing a radio. d'oh!

if you do end up busking noise let me know I'd be really excited to know other people are doing this too.
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