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1950s/60s tape studio equipment, especially ring modulators
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Author 1950s/60s tape studio equipment, especially ring modulators
What kinds of ring modulators might have been found in a classic electronic music/tape studio? The ring modulators I hear in old Pauline Oliveros and Bernard Parmegiani recordings seem to have a different character to the current Euro ring modulators I've heard (i.e. precise AD633 or 2164-based circuits, passive transformers, Moddemix's LED-based circuit). I haven't attempted to do much research myself on this, but does anybody have familiarity with what might have been used back then?

Examples of the character I mean:

I'm guessing also that the oscillators going into the ring mod could have had an effect on the result, if they were not mathematically perfect sines.
Oliveros used very precise HP sine wave generators and a passive diode-transformer ring modulator. Just about everyone used this topology in those days. Buchla came up with some different balanced modulator topologies for the 100 and 200 systems and the first linear multiplier ICs appeared around 1969. The Oberheim (Maestro) was the first big commercial "ring modulator" but it used the linear multiplier ICs.
are you sure you want the bleedthru of those old systems? i find that extremely irritating and i'm pretty sure the composer didn't like it either. but at the time it couldn't be helped ... nowadays with the excellent ad633 chip all that is gone. and good riddance too ...
methinks you would be better off looking for some nice distortion box ...
These are based on old BBC radiophonic designs.

You can get euro passive ring modulators:

ADDAC602 Passive Ring Modulator
Lord of the Ring from Mad Rooster Lab
or make your own from the Synthrotek Passive Ring Modulator PCB
or maybe find a used Make Noise modDemod
I like the Moofooger peda. It's very warm.
Does anybody have experience with Fairfield Circuitry's Randy's Revenge?
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