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modular recording pipeline
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Author modular recording pipeline
here is my issue:
i record my modular in to my daw via lexicon omega.
everything sounds nice.
then i playback record and record next layer - same sound and sounds nice
as long i play record in my daw it sounds like my modular
BUT as soon i export, and open it in media player, record sounds far away in mud....
problem with modular is that its very dinamics, i record in -12db or lower to be shure at some point there will not be cliping, cos open filter too far and it goes into red area, etc

what should be correct way how to record and export?
What DAW are you using?

It's fine to record at around -12db. But at some point you'll need to get things louder before you export.

If you can, add a compressor to your master channel.

And, if there is an option to normalize as you export use that. That will get things to a listenable level.

Of course, mixing and mastering music is a science all its own that gets much deeper than the couple items above. But, this should give you a start.
Sounds like you are exporting in a lossy format (probably low bitrate MP3) otherwise it will sound identical to what went in.

What DAW, and what export settings?

Compressor on Master channel - only if you want to reduce the overall dynamic range, and are aware of the compromises involved.

Normalising - yes you can do this, which will bring the highest peaks up to (usually) 0db. May or may not make your mix much louder, depending on dynamic range (see previous).

TL;DR- more info needed.[/i]
stk wrote:
Sounds like you are exporting in a lossy format (probably low bitrate MP3) otherwise it will sound identical to what went in.

exactly. avoid mp3 other then if you need to send someone an email and then only if you have optimized the track: not -12 dB
always use lossless: .wav works fine. maybe .flaq too but i never tried that
Could also be a glitch in "media player". Try different playback methods to see if the problem persists.

You could also import the file to your daw and see if it sounds the same as your first recordings.

Try to export to a file format with the same specs as your recording format.

If you record a .wav/.aiff(pretty much the same quality) at 96khz 24bit and export to a .wav at 44.1khz 16 bit the loss will be noticeable but only slightly. Exporting to lower quality formats will be easier to notice.

Read up about the signal path of whatever DAW you're using and then follow it to see if you recognize anything that shouldn't be there. This is a general statement for trying to fix anything.

You may be recording at -12db but if you're listening to your monitors at 105db ear fatigue may have also set in by the time you're done mixing.
Take Breaks

If you can't figure it out, send it all through a clouds. If you don't have a clouds, get two. Buying more modules always makes everything better!!! Never maintain cash savings again
Loudmax (free vst) on the main out before you export
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