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Author maschine
i just discovered the ni maschine. wow! eek!

this is IT! no mpc, sp404, or other sampler but this. seems so worth it. anyone on here uses it? how is the integrated sequencer software?
i'm really digging maschine and feel i've barely scratched the surface. it's deep! the sequencer is cool, but now that you can drag midi/audio sequences into logic and ableton live, it's way more useful to me.
Pockets McCoy
I think Maschine's my favorite studio sampler I've ever used, I just had to ditch it because I couldn't stand the amount of set-up and tear-down associated with moving it, the computer, the interface, and all the necessary connectors compared to having it all tucked up in an MPC. But I move around a lot...if I ever have reason to have separate studio and mobile setups, I'd consider picking up Maschine and a plenty-channel interface again for the studio, but I don't see that happening any time soon, and I'm happier with my workflow with the MPC these days (though it could REALLY use some sort of true TR-x0x-style sequencer for drums...I'm using a Korg ER-1 to control my drum track via MIDI, and while that's always along for the ride anyway, it'd be easier to be able to do it maschine-style with glowing pads or something).
i love my maschine. it's sooo easy to use and yet inspiring. i really hope it will evolve into some kind of DAW itself, implementing VST (or at least Kore) integration.
maschine is my favorite drum sampler ever. i put quite a few years into the mpc1000 and have no regrets trading it for maschine. especially w/ 1.5 they got much closer to the mark.

the tagging of sample libraries is so amazingly nice.
I was thinking a machinedrum for a drum machine but... I THINK i've decided to try maschine, a new mac, and ableton live smile
The only problem i have had with maschine is that it causes clicks in cubase (5.5, but it happened in 4 as well) unless i turn off multiprocessor support. the clicks only happen when i turn knobs or hit pads on the controller.

Its a bit silly considering that even monome with MLR which is the same kind of VST plug + controller setup does not do that, and its just a bunch of open source things cobbled together.

fortunately it is not a big problem to turn off multiprocessor when i am using it, but still i wish they would fix it. (of course it is cubases fault, and to steinberg/yamaha it is NIs fault).
Pockets McCoy
Which MPC do you have? I have a Maschine and am thinking about an MPC instead. How is the sequencer? Can you use different pattern lengths or time sigs on each channel?

Sorry, didn't mean to hi-jack.

Maschine is awesome!!

B, one thing I wish MPC could do eaiser was different length tracks per sequence.. In JJxl, you can run two seq's simultaneously which can be diff. lengths, so thats a start. fun stuff. One thing I miss my Spectralis for.
Pretty sure next week I'm snagging machine. I almost ordered a Europa but I think live running silentway and machine would be dope with 6 cv outs going out as triggers and clocks
MPC vs. Maschine

I'd opt for the Maschine.
mpc vs maschine, I opt for not using a computer in my setup, ymmv.

maschine is great sold my first one due to money then bought a second one still have my mpc 1000 fully expanded with latest jjos xl ..

few things to think about:
maschine is a resource hog! if you have a older computer be aware of this if your on a pc, on a mac its def not as resource heavey ( i use mine on both plattforms )

maschine still lacks cc's in/out so if your thinking about having other hardware/software talking to its parameters you will have to wait for a new update but it's def on the to-do list.

maschine does only at moment support 8 exterrnal outputs ( working on this too it quickly gets munched up when you want to multitrack everything seperately into you DAW so you end up grouping something at todays age seems a bit backwards )

maschine uses a total of 8 groups which on a mpc would be tracks really the main difference here is the mpc in each track has 4 banks which totals 16 pads x 4 , on the maschine a group only hold 16 pads! and only 8 groups vs mpc's huge track amount.

my current setup i use as following 1 & 2 groups straight for the drum sampler then group 3 & 4 control external gear ( ex: xoxbox and a juno 106 ) then i dedicated 5 & 6 as send/returns to use process my hardware through maschine internal effects and 7 & 8 as records channels for whatever i want to bounce down.

im not a huge fan over the arrangement editor for laying out a song call me old school but i love the song mode on the mpc some time limitations have benefits..

its also a great tool if you want to improve while dj:ing and trying out new patterns sure you could do this with a mpc too but its just way more easier on a the maschine as so the fact you can load samples while it's playing it might lock the display for a moment but its only temporarily while whatever the pattern is playing still is playing in the background, so it doesnt have to stop the audio while loading.

im overall loving the direction maschine is going no more clicking with daw's piano roll or setting up a pad-controller, i just start maschine and load quickly some samples and bam there it is, it now functions as everything drum related

there is a lot of work arounds for the short comings i mentioned but a good thing is NI does keep updating mascnine and every update
I think it's going to own with a laptop and a modular wink
its what i want to do down the line... now to sell of all other old gear for modular..
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