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Going forward?
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Author Going forward?
So if CA is not communicating, do I dare re-engineer the Unify Expander so I can add some to my own Unify, or am I going to get crucified for doing so?
I may be totally wrong about this but if memory serves me correct BrotherTheo (the muffwiggler handle of Circuit Abbey) has been experiencing health issues. So if you have the patience to put this off for a while try again a few times at later dates. If that doesn't sound good to you just proceed with the golden rule in regards to how you assume BrotherTheo or any other manufacture would like this to be handled, which you as a pretty prolific creator of crazy modular stuff should be a decent judge of. There are no good answers here but follow your heart and if issues arise later I bet your attempt to communicate now and your communications in the future will most likely resolve things quite quickly and nicely.
Are you planning on selling them? If not, there is zero problem.

I got rid of mine when it became apparent that CA was no longer supporting their products. I'm sorry to hear it's probably health related, but it is what is is from a consumer viewpoint.
I tried contacting him. I will wait and see if I hear anything back. I will give it a year and hope he recovers and is able to soldier on.
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