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Bel BD-80 delay questions / manual request
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Author Bel BD-80 delay questions / manual request
Hi everybody

wondering if there are any Bel BD-80 users around here ?

I have two units here, one working and one on the repair bench

Got an extra memory card and would like to expand the delay / sampling time in the working unit

I have tried just popping the card in each of the four slots but the delay time is not increasing

I have noticed that the broken unit has got only one socket for the memory cards. The remaining three are left empty, without connectors soldered on the pcb.

The working unit has connectors on all the four slots, and I also notice there is a header with some jumpers. On the single slot unit this header is replaced by 0 Ohm resistors

My guess is that in order to enable the memory cards these jumpers need to be set in some particular order. I believe that the unit with only one slot was a non-upgradeable version thus there was no need to have the jumpers

If there is anybody who knows this delay and has experience in upgrading the memory, please let me know.

An user manual would probably have solved the mistery, but I couldn't find it over the internet
Also a Bel BD-80 user, love it. In terms of manuals, all I have is this...
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