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KV-100 Filter+Ringmod is very quiet. Normal?
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Author KV-100 Filter+Ringmod is very quiet. Normal?
Hey there. Quick question - I recently bought a KV-100 from another user on here, and I noticed... as soon as I hit the Enable Ringmod + Filter button, the output gets reeeeally quiet (regardless of what the knob settings are). I have to boost the signals by some 30db or so to get it at the level that it was at before (and just about blew my eardrum out when I did that and turned the resonance up high enough to self-oscillate o_o).

Is this normal behavior or is maybe one of the tubes shot or something?
You're feeding it a hot signal, like line level, I take it? The KV was meant for instrument level. Try turning the input level down.
Same result, whether feeding it a line or a signal from my guitar, The input trim seems to have little effect on this.

I've confirmed with a friend of mine (also a KV-100 owner) that this is not normal behavior. Any ideas on what it could be? Bad tube, am I overlooking something in its usage, or would this potentially need servicing?
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