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Shakmat Modular 2hp modules : SumDif and HiPass
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Author Shakmat Modular 2hp modules : SumDif and HiPass
Paranormal Patroler
Noisepan wrote:
Am I correct in assuming that mid side processing would remove any panning between the left and right, so the final signal would have identical left and right channels?

My understanding is that if the side is processed as 1 channel, when it is returned and split to the left and right again, it would be the same on both sides?

No, I don't think that's the case. By definition Mid contains all that is common between LR, whereas Side contains all the info that is only available on each channel, but not on the other. Any processing happening on Side will be common to both LR but if I recall correctly you retain the stereo imaging that was available in LR in the beginning when you revert Side back to LR.
Nice packaging!

(after battling with the picture upload function for a half an hour I'm giving up.)

Dead Banana

(my bad?)
I could really recommend the high pass for anyone playing live on big systems. It really made a nice difference to the sound quality coming out.
Cleaned the audio just nicely leaving room for boosting frequencies in the right location.
Nice work!
Question about HiPass routing...

So I just installed HiPass, namely to make space in the low end / remove rumble.

My routing presently is PM master out > MSCL (used as limiter) > buffered multiple. Buffered multiple splits to Vermona TwinOut (DI) and into bitbox for recording.

Noooow....where's the best place to patch HiPass in?

Before or after the limiter?
I would place it before the Limiter/Compressor, otherwise the lowend rumble will still control a good part of the compression. But if you want a pumping sound (like in most Techno trax) you might get more drastic results by patching the Highpass after the Limiter/Compressor.
Paranormal Patroler
There's no right/wrong answer to this one. It really depends what you want to achieve. Google about the placement of compressor in relation to EQ and you'll find a lot of info on this subject.
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