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ModyPoly midi clock problem
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Author ModyPoly midi clock problem
Hey, I had the MODYPOLY upgrade installed on my POLY61 by a dude that works for Moog Audio, so I really hope he did it right, however I can't seem to get the MIDI Arp or Filters to function via control by the MIDI In fro man external clock, I can get MIDI note info, but thats about it, same for MIDI Out Arp clock to control an external clock, ugh. And to top it all off I cant seem to even do a factory reset (the hold button is supposed to stop flashing and then commence after its finished, it never stops flashing though)
It all seems so straight forward, what am I missing?? seriously, i just don't get it
have you tried setting the clock source to midi clock?

firmware reset probably works find, the flashing only stops for a very short time. (while it is resetting)

Also make sure your DAW is actually sending a clock. What are you using to generate the midi clock?
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