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Performers; Do you keep songs, or is it always something new
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Author Performers; Do you keep songs, or is it always something new
I was wondering about this.

I assume that once you do something its there while the cables are in, and once you begin something new, its gone and wont ever come back.

Then i thought a bit about it, and realised that if you had X chords, Y bass line, and Z way of drums = you have a tune that you could reproduce, just like any other "band" - albeit the sounds might not be the exact same, then if you knew what each of those were close by ( sine for bass, or sine + triangle ) etc, youd again get pretty damn close.

So .. whats the story? Ive been watching some Colin benders, and apart from being really good, i just kept wondering "oh shit thats good, so.. is he going to unplug and never do that particular tune again???" ..
I start completely unpatched. Improvise. Whatever I do is never happening again. It is a moment in time then it is done.
I kinda get that, and parts of me hate it, and parts of me thinks it will be just right.

What i am wondering though is for those that perform live ( i dont know if you do ) - you know, i can see it working for people that play at home, or jam with it - but for those performing, where people might "follow" them, i recon they might have "oh this tune is so good, i wanna hear it again" - or is it just the artist they want to hear, and whatever he comes up with this time?

Its fascinating to me grin
Ok so.. im watching some more of Colin Benders videos, and it suddenly occurs to me, that in his 3 hour long videos, he plays something and then suddenly he says:

"So yeah this is what im working on.. now lets try this, this is the mix you remember from last week", and he begins playing something else.

While hes doing that i noticed that the tune changed melody, without him touching anything - were not talking just going through steps, it played the same melody for say a minute, and then suddenly, like on cue, it went down and played a diff melody.

So whats going on here? What am i missing? How is he able to play back tunes he made before, on the same gear ?
I pretty much exclusively play live. If you are going to "follow" me, then you are going to know that what I do is improvised. I play. It's done. That's it. Next.

I don't know who Colin Bender is, Don't know what he has. Could be multiple sequences and voltage controlled switches or sequential switches, could be MIDI, could be a CV sequencer with memory. Don't know, but there are multiple ways to do it.
I'm pretty sure it's related to his OD ER 101/102. He has preprogrammed sequences that he's dropping in. Also, despite patching from scratch a lot of times he uses the same or similar "voices" like his Macbeth oscillator into filter. But you could always drop him a line on his channel and ask.
Ah ok i see - the od er 101/102 looks like it makes sense, however it still doesnt explain how he talks about "Yeah this is now, and lets continue on what we did last week" i mean.. how the f.....

I have this image in my head, that once youre done with a patch, you rip out all the cables, and start over - but he seems to do 3-4 hour marathon things, where he rarely yanks out a cable, but plays 5 different tunes..
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