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Check out Gift Tapes
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Author Check out Gift Tapes
Gift tapes is a real cool cassette only (small press run) Label run by a guy called Jason in Seattle, WA. He Plays in a band called Brother Raven. His label has released stuff like Golden Retriever, Bee Mask, The Oregon Painting Society, and Pulse Emitter. But heh...I am a little biased he released my tape as well. I don't know how the hell he did it, but he recently was able to release an Archival tape of Merzbow from 1989. That label is putting out some interesting stuff as well as NNA Tapes.

worth checking out if you have a minute...
i've got the golden retriever/matt carlson ones, and some of the other newer ones already on the way. which one's yours?

also been enjoying tapes on wagon, pizza night, digitalis, root strata, arbor, and nna.
My tape is "Blood Orange" under J. Hanson. I also have an CD on Digitalis. I saw golden Retriever play at a house show the other night in Portland. Good times....Matt was jamming his modular
dang, i missed the boat on that one. been liking boolean blues though.

super jealous about the house show, i moved away from portland about ten years too early.

sun is nice though. 8_)
Mood Organ
Gift Tapes/Bro Raven are good stuff w00t

The cassettes are beautiful
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