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Panasonic Wj-mx10 problem.
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Author Panasonic Wj-mx10 problem.
Hello friends, I found this forum through a post about the Panasonic WJ-MX10, I am Brazilian, and here there is no information on these equipment, I saw in a garage sale, and it was love at first sight, I bought it, but has a defect in the effects, here in the forum I found the service manual, but it did not help much, so I recorded a video with it, if someone with experience with this equipment knows what the problem, i appreciate it!

Wj-mx10 problem

I'm very excited, I want to enter the world of analog VJ, I was mounting a 1.5bits video sampler with the Arduino, when I found this jewel, and through it I found the forum, it's a good start! thank you all!
Weird, but kind of cool.

You can tell the issue is only on one channel. Maybe there is a fuse you can replace. Alternately it might be due to a bad capacitor, tends to happen when they are left alone for a bit.
open it up:
unscrew all screws on the back that have arrow markers, and loosen the 5 backside case screws
The case will come apart in two sections.

See if there are any obvious problems.
(blown fuse, weird capacitor leaks, residue on the pcb, loose wires etc)

here is some info on the mx10, service manual and mod info

while you are "in" , you can do the MX10 luma mod, its easy!

ps: I have about 5 mx10's, all bought cheap, never seen this problem.
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