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patch ideas?
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Author patch ideas?
So I am a rookie to the modular game (about a year and some change in) and needless to say my patching skills are basic at best. I keep making very similar sorts of sounds, dont know if this is a limitation of the modules I own or my general lack of knowledge. Anyway I was hoping some of you could give me some pointers on patch ideas or generally different ways of approaching this modular madness. Also any suggestions on new modules I could acquire that would improve my set up would also be appreciated.

this is my setup more or less

I am sure you'd be better off posting this in the Eurorack specific forum. thumbs up

I am a bit of a modular noob myself but my initial comment would be that you need more modulation sources - LFOs, triggers, envelopes. You have Peaks and a single ADSR. Peaks is dead handy but nothing beats CV control over rate or waveshape, same with the ADSR. Everyone needs a Maths huh. razz

Maybe to get out of a rut try limiting yourself to only using 2 or 3 modules, this focuses you on patching more creatively.
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