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Happy holidays! Please see the year-end funding drive post in the Announcements subforum. Thanks and all my love to you beautiful people.

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Author Linnstrument!
The lost pianist/guitarist in me seems to have me pining for this one. It's been out a little while now and I haven't found any user threads, so interested to know peoples experiences with it.

As I have it from demos it looks somewhat clunky for chords and better suited to monophonic/duophonic playing- glissando and tremelo type stuff? Also gather there is a bit of annoyance that the up/down feature isn't as developed as it could have been? How's the learning curve with playing? Truth be told I was pretty shit at both piano and guitar.

While I'm not big on solo playing (or even melody), I listen to the expression possible with this, imagine it paired with some of my kit and frankly lust- perhaps I'm ready to start playing again after a long period of programming. Or maybe it's GAS...
I have one that I use with the Expert Sleepers FH-1 module to hook up to a eurorack setup. It's really a lot fun, especially with the new sequencer update! They are doing a great job keeping the firmware updated.
I use mine with an shuttle control. Let's me have up to 2 channels of volt/oct, gate and 3 CVs that you can modulate with the XYz axis. You can have split keyboard with both doing this or have one of the splits as a 16 step/16 note sequencer to play along with. Works great as a drum Sequencer and does velocity nicely. I tried the FH-1 but there wasn't enough CVs (to play 2 voices) without buying the expander. The Shuttle seems like a better fit for me.
The Linnstrument has some new updates I need to try out for some added features. I also use it with my laptop USB to play the newer apps with MPE support. Chords work well once you think more like a guitar than keyboard.
scottmoon wrote:
I tried the FH-1 but there wasn't enough CVs (to play 2 voices) without buying the expander.

The shuttle control looks great I did end up getting the fhx-1 expander for the very reason you mention.
I caught the sequencer add- great that the firmware continues to receive major updates. How have you both found adapting to playing the thing? You have a history of stringed play or are you driving in to a new approach?
I'm a percussionist/pianist, and the transition took no time at all. It's become my go-to controller for a majority of applications, I love that thing so much.

It's the only piece of kit I evangelize, I really think that every possible type of musician can find their way to approach and adapt to it, the configuration and play mode settings are extremely musician-friendly
Selador wrote:
I'm a percussionist/pianist, and the transition took no time at all. It's become my go-to controller for a majority of applications, I love that thing so much.

It's the only piece of kit I evangelize, I really think that every possible type of musician can find their way to approach and adapt to it, the configuration and play mode settings are extremely musician-friendly

Thanks for the input - I certainly think it will handle slides better than the 222e I've been trying to do similar on today:


Time to get saving!
I use my Linnstrument with Buchla all the time!

But, don't use a 225e, use a Kenton or external MIDI/CV unit. There is no way to transmit bend data over the bus, and if you ignore the bus, you'll have to mix the bend and note data (with a 257r or 254v) and given the unipolar outs of the 225e, the bend CV adds a 2.5v (roughly, but not exactly UGH!!!) a two octave offset up to the pitch. Oh, and the lack of legato option kills the playstyle of the Linnstrument.

Also, you can add slew to the 223e with the integrator section of a 266r or the bottom half of a 257e.
I wondered about the bus thing on the buchla- deosnt seem ideal then really for that particular purpose, though I really want it to control a couple of other bits which arent modular. On that bit above I tamed the voltage for the slides with a 256e... unfrtuantely I dont have a 257e as it would have come in hndy today, assuming there is vc over the slew rate. Anyway, thats for a different thread!
I have both the Linnstrument and the Seaboard Rise. They are pretty different beasts, but I've found myself really enjoying the Linnstrument. The customisation (the LEDs, the scales, etc) all seem pretty easy, and it makes playing along with a track way easier - at least for my brain. I'm more of a guitarist than a keyboard player.

I like that it has DIN MIDI connections as well, and that you can split it into two - so each half can be on a different MIDI channel, or octave.

I too use mine with a Shuttle Control smile
One of the pulls of the linnstrument is the ability to use it without the need of a computer, which isn't something I have in the studio.
I had no idea this could be used without a computer. Makes it much more interesting. The use of a computer sometimes hinders my ability to be creative. I know, I know - this is a topic for a different thread.
Not at all- it's exactly why I'm looking at it over other similar thingys.
Seems I've just bagged one of these... fingers crossed I have one incoming shortly!
Congrats! Welcome to the club-- look forward to hear what you get out of it thumbs up
Yeah Im really delighted to he getting this, although a little apprehensive as it was an eBay purchase at a decent price- these things have gone south in the past! Fingers crossed...
2017-06-27_07-54-40 by sonofprent, on Flickr
nanners w00t thumbs up
Following with interest!
First impressions are very positive- so far I've just been noodling around via midi into my monomachine, it definitely does what it sets out to in terms of expressiveness. Once I figured out the mnm's response to velocity and such i was able to get a nice range of sounds out of a relatively simple kit. Slides are slightly different to how I expected but very effective, as is the vibrato etc lm still finding my way to some degree with velocity but that was more a MNM thing than the linnstrument- I'm planning to spend some time with the bitwig patches this weekend just to try to learn my way around things in terms of playing. It's nice to have something that I have to actually play again and will need to put some time in there...

It's an interesting approach to playing- having spent time learning (to some degree) the piano and guitar, initially I think it makes more sense approaching from the guitar angle. I'm not a great player of either though and can't quite see two handed playing being something that is going to come easily at this point- I suppose trying to translate some simple piano pieces might help. I kind of wonder whether having some pads in black might help my piano brain but it's not something I'm going to do. Hoping to put some serious hours in this weekend and will add here once I've got deeper into it.

Oh, should add that Roger is a real gent too - great chap!
You've had the exact same first impressions that I have! So glad to hear

And I agree that Roger is a dream to work with, and if I might repeat something he said to me-- the instrument ships in default mode. Don't hold back in adjusting every parameter to your liking. I've fine tuned all the pressure and velocity *thresholds* and curves to my exact liking, and it's a dream come true, which is the fact that sets it apart from the seaboard I used to own. More than any controller, this one is particularly user-friendly, modify every single thing until you find your comfort zone.

Edit: also, I'm with you on two handed playing. I appreciate all its multitimbral possibilities and diversity of modes (strum is fun to play with), but two years in, it sits on top of my wulrli as a monophonic controller. Everyone has their own approach, but I love thing as a single voice master, that no keyboard can come close to
Mine is running on an older firmware so I need to update tomorrow - in terms of velocity I'm not sure if there is more to modify in later revisions than the three (or four) settings?
For velocity, there's upper and lower thresholds, and a couple of curve options, per split, to the best of my knowledge. I'm still running the newest pre-sequencer firmware
Thanks, I wasn't aware of any curve options. Guinness ftw!
I'm going to ramble a little here...

Spent the most part of yesterday on the Linnstrument, this time ignoring the studio and focussing on playing the free sounds in bitwig studio (which Roger was kind enough to give me a license for, despite purchasing my linn secondhand). Idea was that I could focus on figuring out playing rather than programming, which happened to a similar extent as when I practiced piano on a DX7- I'd get hung up on the sound more than what I was playing. Anyhow, despite the fine tuning distractions it did allow me to get my head around it further to some extent...

The beauty of the design really is the layout and that becomes more apparent when you try and figure out what you're doing- the equally spaced semitone intervals basically allow you to learn your shapes (scales and chords) and then transpose those up or down (ie move your hands/the root note) to play in a different key. My theory isn't great but having learned my scales on the piano I can immediately as the benefit- no more having to remember spacings for each key; they are always the same. Added to that the (hidden- ive no idea why) feature of selecting scale types to be highlighted means jamming in a key is as easy as I've known it. I'll need to build my knowledge of chord shapes now...

Expression wise Linnstrument does it- I wasnt blown away by the bitwig sounds (look at my studio and go figure!) but they do give an indication of what can be had. Truth be told I was happier when hooked to the monomachine, which is a good thing since I'll be using my linn midi'd up to various hardware synths. Might pair it up with the xpander later since that is the combination I really want to explore... So, bends work as I'd originally imagined when set to 24 semitones and work well, the vibrato thing is easy to do and is again effective. I'd had more luck with velocity using the soft synths and need to look at the limit settings there if I have any further issues on hardware- I don't forsee any issues. The Y axis stuff I'd been struggling with a little on the MNM also made more sense- that's the one I need to work more with on order to get repeatable results.

Ultimately, I'm very pleased with the Linnstrument in terms of it meeting its design purpose- I can already see that (similarly to the piano and guitar) I am going to be the limitation to what I want to get out of it- while I can see that it's probably easier for someone with no experience of playing to get something (in key) out of, developing my style to two handed playing is going to take considerable practice. That said this is exactly why I went for it - I wanted something to rebuild my playing skills after so many years of programming (which by no means do I intend to give up).

Looking forward to see where this little journey takes me...
Ugh this really makes me want one more than i did before. I have been hoping to find someone who would trade with me, but alas people arent interested cry

On a different note - playing with the xpander out to be hella fun with the linnstrument.
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