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Dedicated Drum Module Case Vs. Octatrack
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Author Dedicated Drum Module Case Vs. Octatrack
Hi all,

About to sell a bunch of gear to take a new step for live performance.

I'm weighing up between a dedicated skiff for a few drum voices/sequencer/compressor Vs. an Elektron Octatrack.

Perhaps a single versatile drum voice in my current rack plus the octatrack would be the best route of all??

These are two very different propositions I know, and quite possibly incomparable!

Would be great to get peoples thoughts all the same smile

Thanks in advance for any advice!
I´m permanently stuck in that same thought process...

currently, I have opted to run my kickdrum from my modular (either hexinverter Mutant Basdrum, or I patch one from Maths+my Dixie 1 oscillator), then maybe use the Make Noise Mysteron or 1-2 channels from MI Peaks for additional percussion drum sounds...

but usually I use the octatrack for snares and hi-hats etc... mainly because I still think that there is not a SINGLE drum machine out there that can produce (=synthesize) a convincing snare... hence: samples!
Montgomery Word
i REALLY like both. i use a varigate 8+ plus a voltage block and i get hella similar to how i work on the octa.
I've been pondering something similar for sometime and landed with the Octatrack. Here's why.

First, I grew up beatmaking with MPCs and computers, so programming drums with an x0x style machine like the OT made more immediate sense to me. Once you get the workflow down with using the machine (which is admittedly a little steep), programming drums is pretty quick and fun. Chopping up samples and re-sequencing is great and even just tweaking normal kicks and snare samples into stuttering rhythms can be very satisfying.

Second, the OT also gives you 2 FX per track, plus parameter locking, which allows you to get super granular in terms of level of effect per step, AND you can glitch the heck out of say, a set of hi-hats in one pattern, then have them return to a more traditional sequence in the next pattern. I'm sure it would take up a lot of hp to do all that in modular.
sad banana

Third, the flexibility of being able to load any drum sound (or any other type of sample) into the OT and program it is pretty awesome.

Lastly, the flexibility of the OT as a sampler and looper makes it formidable in my opinion. Not sure if that is of any interest, but the ability to loop, slice and sequence the output of your modular...and to keep it all in sync, makes it a fantastic tool, IMO.

Now, I'm sure someone who went the other way can make an argument against every single one of my points. For example, you CAN get x0x style sequencing with sequencers like TipTop's Circadian Rhythm, and I've seen some guys do some incredibly cool happy accident/probability/euclidean type programming with a combination of Trigger Riot and MI Grids...

The learning curve on the OT is steep, but being a person who is making ambient and atmospheric techno, I love the flexibility of the OT to both sequence drums, chop rhythmic loops up AND create flush atmospheres with combinations of prerecorded samples/field recordings and live loops from my modular rig.

Here's a track I made with the OT sequencing drums, samples and glitchy hats; modular does all the rest.

Best of luck!
Good topic. I've been pondering this myself too and have a pretty good feeling I will be going modular for my drums. Currently I'm using a volca sample being sequenced by my BSP... very frustrating

Only real issue is that I planned out what I want on ModularGrid and it looks like I need about 5 grand if you include the new case I'll need for everything. LOL.
duct tape
As my modular setup has grown, my OT has devolved into a mixer/occasional sampler. Modular is, for me, much more enjoyable to work with than the OT. Even its limitations are enjoyable, imo.
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