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MFB delay
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Author MFB delay
Saw this on modular grid.

Anyone know if there are any demos, specs or release date? I love a good delay love
Theres some Superbooth videos on youtube, sounds like a good one
I scrubbed though a few of them but seemed like mostly drum machine chat, I'll have to try again. Thanks!
the sonic state vid had a little of at the end
It is used in the nano zwerg patche here:
I'm the one who suggested MFB make a eurorack module out of the Megazwerg delay last year when I met Uwe of MFB at the Superbooth 2016. I told him it would be an awesome module. He didn't seem too convinced back then, but this year when I returned to the MFB booth at Superbooth 2017, lo and behold, they had this prototype of the delay module! One of the MFB guys told me the faceplate was litterally sawed out of an existing MFB Megazwerg, that's why there's no branding on it. Can't wait!
Also looking forward to their multimode VCF module which seems to be in stock at at least.
I rubbed some of them but seemed to mostly chat with the drum machine, I would have to try again. Thank you!
High Wolf
Considering one of these? Any user feedback? Do you have one, what's good about it. what's not so good? Thanks
High Wolf wrote:
Considering one of these? Any user feedback? Do you have one, what's good about it. what's not so good? Thanks

The good: audio quality is improved vs. the Megazwerg delay (which it is derived of).

The bad: feedback isn't nearly enough for "self-resonating" e.g. continuous feedback (unlike the Megazwerg delay). You will have to use an amp in the feedback path (via patchpoints which are luckily available on the MFB Delay) to boost the feedback signal accordingly.

Still, an overall nice module.
i think this module is quite unique for the price

any other digital delays to compare the mfb delay to?

– two milliseconds to four seconds – also sounds great for karplus strong and other experiments

im searching for a clean delay with cv rate control that doesn't use pt2399 chips

i have enough analog(ish) sounding delays and searching for clean, fast repeats

would love to buy some mungo d0 of course, but price
That's a very nice price for all those features! Now we just need more demos smile
I'm on the lookout for a cheap, small, reliable/good and easy-on-the-current-draw side of things delay.

Worth the extra money than, say, the Dreadbox Echo?
depends on what you want. the dreadbox echo is different. i think it uses a pt2399. its more lo-fi, analogouish sounding. there are a few more delay modules like that.

this one is a clear sounding (i hope) digital delay. i wish there would be demos of it

Dreadbox Echo:
delay times: 30ms – 800ms (400-800ms lo-fi)

MFB - Digital Delay:
delay time from 2ms to 4000ms
Nightly Closures
If the chronoblob fits in your budget, I’d highly recommend it. It’s simple, clockable and CV over everything. It sounds really clear. I don’t have any experience with the MFB delay, but I’m gernerally satisfied with the MFB gear I have.
I really like WMD/SSF DPLR. It's quite lo-fi but stereo, with a very wide image, 4hp and most controls have cv over them. It sounds good and it's fun. I'd like to get a Chronoblob though because open feedback path is a brilliant idea.
Funny thing is i just sold the Chronoblob. Was using it for the last year or two and yes, it's amazing. But had to sell it because of, well, reasons (don't want to go there, still not over it... waah ).

I'm leaning towards this one as a replacement since it has more features and should (i assume) have a cleaner sound. I want it for standard delay duties, nothing too special. But then again, no demos available.

Wouldn't mind shelling the extra coin with some user feedback on nice/clean sound, decent build quality, etc.
Ok, so i went ahead and ordered it. Got it today, gave it a quick test drive. Very cool for the price.

Very clean sounding, lots of gain. Yes, feedback doesn't go into dub-land cacophony but there are workarounds.

Not mad on the build quality. Top and bottom knobs are more stiff/rigid than the other ones wich means not a perfect clean sweep. But again, for the price... Maybe they'll loosen over time.

Messing with range and time provides some sweet spots to be found.

Pretty happy overall.
Buttons ARE toys
Thinking of getting one of these but I'm curious to know how they've held up over time for those that have them. I've seen complaints about MFB's build quality, but usually just that people don't like their pots. Any functional issues with these after having them for a while?
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