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Does this exist?
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Author Does this exist?
A quadrature oscillator that will go from ultra low LFO rates (like 10-20 seconds) to beyond hearing maybe like 30-40kHz? If you could output a CV controllable phase offset in addition to the standard 90 degree offsets, that would be amazing. And near perfect for what I'm looking for if it's closer to being pitch accurate than not,but I'm not super picky, I love M15s. lol

If the M15 had quadrature outputs and went as slow as 10-20 seconds and had even more morph outputs, I think it would be exactly what I'm hoping exists.

Does this exist in euro format? In any format?
Muff Wiggler
mankato. gives you 8 simultaneously-available phases of sinewave, from minutes-per-cycle up to beyond audio rates

cv controllable frequency

not cv controllable offset

also works as a very lovely sounding LPF, and a slew generator as well.

pretty damn amazing module all around.
Seems to me the PH-4 gets up there if you crank the manual rate all the way up then max the CV input. Too lazy to check it at the moment. And then I read the rest of your post about phase shifting.
To obtain a controllable delay between LFOs (up to limited audio frequencies) one could use the multiple Elf LFOs, which will sync to a trigger, and multiple trigger delays. The LFO will cover the audio range, but the limitation is the minimum delay time of the trigger delay.
anyone heard anything about the mankato euro version? I know there was talk about it before but haven;t heard news in ages...
Don't forget that Doepfer has a quadrature LFO too, I'm certain it can be tweaked to output supersonics...
best part: 65 euros.
I've got a PH-4, I love it, I was hoping there was something like a PH-4 Model 15 crossbred Frankenstein oscillator. I've been curious about the mankato, but haven't looked at it seriously since I'd rather stay euro, but have been thinking about starting a blacet rack.

I looked at the doepfer QLFO, but got the PH-4 instead. I just wish it had more waveforms and were made for a super high frequency range, or I wish the M15 went much lower in frequency and had quadrature outs..
Roycie Roller
STG might be putting out the Mankato in euro, but i'm not sure.
Other than that, yeah, get a blacet rack & psu (in fact, the frac modules will fit in schroff racks, you just need to drill new screwholes in the faceplates). Then you can get all the great frac modules too- Wiard, STG, Blacet, the list goes on. And, since most DIY is at +/-15v, it'll open up all those possibilities as well.
Oh, and you can run Modcan off a Blacet psu.
The Zeroscillator is supposed to work as an LFO, but I can't find the minimum rate for it. I believe that STG is planning on offering the Mankato in Euro, but it needs a redesigned PC board. I'm planning on using the Mankato for this stuff. I'll obtain variable waveforms through FM.
Just an FYI... I just measured 9.7kHz max from the PH-4.
dougcl wrote:
Just an FYI... I just measured 9.7kHz max from the PH-4.

Not bad for a LFO. I love how crazy it sounds in that zone between LFO and phased AM driving a stereo pan.
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