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disting mk4 firmware announcement thread
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Author disting mk4 firmware announcement thread
This thread is where new firmware for the disting mk4 will be announced.

Please post comments, requests etc. as new threads.
10th May 2017 - v4.1

Removed the grouping of algorithms into banks.
Added Audio Recorder algorithm.
Added MIDI/CV and CV/MIDI algorithms.
Added MIDI output to Quantizer, Random Quantized CVs and MIDI Playback algorithms.
Added MIDI CC control over algorithm parameters.
Added multiplier parameter to the Clockable Delay algorithm.
Added speed parameter to the Tape Delay algorithm.
Random Quantized CVs algorithm now displays the selected scale's name.
Fixed the behaviour of the Phaser algorithm at extreme feedback settings.
Algorithm names are now shown correctly when selected via the Favourites.
Fixed a bug in SD playback modes which use parameters that could cause crashes or memory corruption.
Great update. Like the way of regrouping, this takes more advantage of the display and the speed to dial algorithms in.
Recording mode :yay
Thanks OS for listening and producing great product.
Os, this is great! I'm looking forward to the audio recorder being added to the mk3 firmware as well.

I was wondering whether it'd be possible to record audio onto the SD card using the new audio recorder algorithm and then switch to the audio playback mode to replay that audio without removing the sd card, manually editing the playlist file, and then putting the card back in. I'm guessing no unless the audio recorded algorithm also appends the new filename to the playlist file. Is this the case or no?

Thanks again!
The only workaround at the moment would be to preemptively create the playlist with the names of the files that will be recorded. (Files that don't yet exist will just be ignored.)
That works for me! Thank you!
Really, really looking forward to installing this tonight. Thank you!

I apologize if I missed it elsewhere, but will some sort of official MIDI port add-on be available eventually?
Yes, soon.
os wrote:
Yes, soon.

Woo! Thank you. grin
Installed the new firmware for Disting Mk4 V4.1 and its great a great module gets even better.Oh and did i say how helpful Andrew is.He sorted out a couple of issues for me and his customer service is second to none just cant buy that sort of help Cheers Andrew ..Richard S Miley Cyrus applause applause applause applause applause
I keep getting the message "firmware not found" and I rechecked 3 times that the file I unzipped is inside the card. Now what? confused

update: It was apparently just a matter of not using the adapter that came with my card.. its fine now! smile
Os, big thanks for all the huge work and efforts for creating this dream tool in 4hp! Great job!
When will the mk4 receive the Dual Quantizer and Euclidian Patterns added to the mk3?
In a couple of weeks. Busy shipping modules right now!
os wrote:
In a couple of weeks. Busy shipping modules right now!

Thanks for your response. Happy to hear this, too, because I'm planning on getting a second one!
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