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Adding VC to a guitar pedal?
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Author Adding VC to a guitar pedal?
I think there must be some way to add a CV offset to a guitar pedal and convert it to a module. So that it adds whatever CV voltage converted to something it can make sense of and adds that to the volume or other pots. Is there some fairly simple way? I thought about going steampunk with a steam powered robotic arm, but that doesn't seem practical to me.

Any pointers in the right direction? I don't even mind having a 9volt mounted inside with it's own power switch/pilot light.
Expression pedal inputs can be used for VC.
To get the best level compatability you have to go through the attenuation + amplification game.
You could just adjust the offset of the CV before you send it to the pedal. with a polarizing mixer for example.
it's quite easy using vactrols. I'd google "adding vactrols to pedals" or similar
Bridechamber VC Resistor? This is a tiny vactrol PCB, which lets you turn any two-wire Pot (where the pot is acting as a resistor) into a jack and pot CV combination.
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