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MIDI2CV not working at all
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Author MIDI2CV not working at all
yesterday i build a midi2cv from a kit i purchased from thonk.

when i power it up, nothing happens. I measured some points and found out, that the ICs on the top pcb get about 12v each, so no problem here i guess.
the 16f88 gets about 5v, but i think this is also alright. the LEDs are not lighting up at all, not while starting up nor while plugging a keyboard and playing, no matter what mode i switch to.

of course i rechecked all parts three times and renewed solder here and there (putting out the ICs before, of course) before posting here, but everything seems alright.

could you help me troubleshoot a little more? there is obviously a broken part somewhere, but i'm not skilled enough to find out which one.


Maybe post a picture of your build, might be helpful.
If the LEDs aren't turned on they could be blocking the signal. It's a diode. It very well could be shunting any voltage under it's peak reverse voltage. If you know everything is fine then it has to be something obvious**

**Edgar Allen Poe's "The Purloined Letter" makes a good case for that situation. Your PCBs LED should have a flat line on the circular LED indicator. If you can tell which leg of the LEAD is closest to the flat part of the LEDs bulb compare it to the PCB screen. Or look at the PCB screen. Attach a multimeter to the LEAD accordingly and if it doesn't lite up then it's input wrong.

I don't think this is your problem but it was a problem that I ran into a warrants so I figured I'd offer my help
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