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ls1 not outputting cv
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Author ls1 not outputting cv
hi guys

just got my hands on an ls-1 and everything seems to working fine. it lights up, hold mode and record mode both work. it even sends gate triggers when i touch it

but... it doesn't appear to be sending any cv

any idea what could be going on here? i'm wondering if it has something to do with the jumpers on the back for the different cv ranges?

the back of my module looks like this.

Picture file

thanks and sorry if i'm missing something here, i'm new to this module and modular in general!
Ive not tried this myself but there should be a jumper that sets whether the voltage is 5v or 10v, perhaps with no jumper set it doesnt send out any v.

Stick a jumper on and check.
Aye, just tested this on mine. You definitely need a jumper fitted to either 5 or 10v or nothing comes out.

(the other jumpers are fairly useful too but not as operationally essential so try and rustle up 3 in total)
amazing thanks for this. will get on it today!

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