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my modular debute: Psychedelics /w Rings
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Author my modular debute: Psychedelics /w Rings

So I finally hit the record button. As you'll see it's a tad on the repetitive side, I haven't had the patience to develop any form of song structure into the patch. At least, I think I managed to keep it short. I think this is also my first patch that doesn't try to be "over engineered". Everything is relatively simple and contained within the restrictions of that system. Which makes it easy to handle for me.

Anyhow, my incentive was to figure out ways to decouple rhythm from tuning, and the most simple thing was to use a square wave LFO (fourMulator) and send it through VCA + quantizer for an octave bass, which in the bridge part gets transposed while suspending the octave.

Additionally I used the shift input of uScale to sometimes inject an actual melody into Rings, which is based on a Quadra AR envelope going through a S&H and a uVCA. As the VCA is post S&H but before uScale, I can "subdivide" the melody by turning the VCA knob for some blue notes. So that's the kind of performance thing I've been after.

On the rhythm side everything started with the fourMulator and phase offsets that are not exactly straight. That's where the basses (MiniMod Osc /w Polaris on right, /w Korgasmatron on left) and the sitar-like Rings-strum come from, and which kind of disguises the downbeat. I later on added seven rows of Circadian Rhythm with other stuff.

Anyhow, hope you like.

- U
Here's another video, similar idea but more economic system, still quite psychedelic /w Rings, so no need to start another topic:


- U
these are great, but i really love that first one, wow.
that's really a nice one.. both are nice. but the 2nd one really is a nice vibe. lush. nice work.
Fantastic sounds, Urs! Thanks for sharing. You really get a lot out of that system.
I'd be interested to hear if your feelings about low pass gates has evolved.
I hesitated on Rings for a while but it was your previous video that really sold me, at least for the kinds of sounds I'm looking for.
Thank you guys, very appreciated! cool

@Justin: It took a while, but I get LPGs now. When I started with modulars, all I did was build little Minimoogs with a feature or two added. I stuck to what I knew. It was last year on Superbooth 16 when I first truely recognized the potential of modulars as performance instruments. I have since sourced quite a lot of modules, and developed a completely different stance towards, well, all of it. I prefer "honest" systems with no memory, shortcuts or "I can do all" modules. The Make Noise Shared System would be a perfect example for that position. Within this paradigm, lowpass gates are nearly indispensable, as they perform the role of VCF, VCA and envelope at once, for quite a few common types of sounds. I get that now :-)

As for Rings... I originally wanted Elements, but a guy at Schneider's convinced me that Rings would be a better choice for my setup. At first I found it relatively boring, considering the options I have in the software world. It took some experimentation and "how do I make this sound in tune with the other stuff?". And a few Youtube videos. It has a really cool trick up its sleeve, which is that, if nothing is plugged into trigger, it automatically triggers on a CV change. So I hook it up on a uScale/QuantiZer and I need not worry about it anymore. It kind of is for voices what the LPG is for pinged envelopes, it only needs one cable plugged in and off you go. And of course, it can sound absolutely beautiful.

(had I designed Bazille with what I know now, it would have LPGs and a per-voice delay... just like you always requested... sorry it took so many years to see that... hope I can make good on it one day)
Nicely done Urs thumbs up Kinda reminds me of some of my own modular noodles.
Now you are into Eurorack we'll never see any new Rack Extensions from U-he again hihi (I was definitely joking, honest! Don't throw anything at me..)
Urs wrote:
(had I designed Bazille with what I know now, it would have LPGs and a per-voice delay... just like you always requested... sorry it took so many years to see that... hope I can make good on it one day)

Don't worry! I love Bazille the way it is! Not having LPGs and resonators forced me to approach it differently than my hardware modular. I think that's a good thing. I don't tend to use many soft-synths that mimic Eurorack modules... because I have the eurorack modules. I still get constant use from Bazille because it's unique. There is nothing like Bazille's oscillators or the U-He Mod Mappers in hardware, at least not without a lot of work.

Really, I'm more interested in the conversation. I know that modular synths and eurorack specifically, have changed the way I approach synthesis and even other synthesizers. It seems the same is true for you. For example, it's very nice when a single modulation source can drive more than one module, particularly when each module responds to that modulation source in different ways. I love routing a single CV sequence to multiple S&H or Quantizer modules and triggering each with their own clock or gate sequence. It's a great way to get lots of variations on a simple theme. Based on your video, it looks/sounds like you take a similar approach.

Anyway, I've always enjoyed your music and it's interesting to see your patching style. Thanks again!
Oh... I know what you mean about Make Noise's Shared System. I have one too(though not b&g).
Such an inspiring instrument!
Here's my weekend video:

Just a small alteration to the 7U/108HP system (Clouds out, 138d <-> Retroverb and Polaris in), in order to live up to the inspiration of watching both Blade Runner 2049 and Sigur Rós just a few days ago. As the title says, a lot of accidental stuff (coffee mugs, rouge triggers, clipping), but sometimes that is what does the trick for me.

Somehow I find working with this system and its limitations far more rewarding than using the larger one. I think key to that are the little Attenuator/Mixer Tiles in the middle, which just make the routing of audio so easy. I think Xaoc Samara might give me nearly the same options, or Quad VCA + 2 x Links. I need to rethink how I'm doing this in the larger system.
Highly enjoyable! Great job!
Here's a quadraphonic performance on my Superbooth 19 rig, once mixed in stereo (for speakers) and binaural (for headphones):

Headphones (recommended):


We've reached the final hardware design of CVilization and we hope to be feature complete shortly.

All sequencing and quantization (time & pitch) is done using one CVilization in Mode III (with a tiny bit of help from Brains + PressurePoints). A second CVilization mixes and animates four voices of melody and percussion in its quadraphonic panning mode (Mode IV).

Some of the live action apart from mixing, filtering, triggering and sound design is recording new sequences into CVilization, and setting mutation depths to evolve these sequences during playback.
Fog Door
Super nice thumbs up Listened back to your other posts too, terrific stuff smile
Thank you oops
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