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Electric Guitar Company Owners
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Author Electric Guitar Company Owners
I have sold off most of my guitars because I have my #1 and that's the only guitar I really seem to want to play.

The only guitar that really peaks my interest is a travis bean or electric guitar company guitar.

I've played an original travis bean in a store and it was simply amazing.

I would love to hear from owners of electric guitar company guitars or orignal travis beans.

Experiences, stories, sound etc.?
I owned an EGC for several years. They're tremendous instruments, but very heavy - comes with the territory of being metal. It's about the most durable guitar you could own - and there's no maintenance of the fretboard. A lot of artists I like play them - and dude'll make whatever you can dream up if it's not already a design.

I ended up selling it because it became so valuable in regard to what I initially paid for it. I can get the same thing done with a well made mainstream guitar for $750 and pocket $2k for other music things.
They're a great company and I love the custom guitar they made me. I ordered it in 2011 and received it a year later. Like a Fender Bass VI but with a Jazzmaster body and three different pickups (Jazzmaster; Bass VI/Jaguar; P90) each with their own on/off switch.

I'm not sure if they do custom jobs any more as they seem quite busy with the Travis Bean designs being available again. I would definitely buy one of their guitars again but currently I have more than enough.
abandonist wrote:
I can get the same thing done with a well made mainstream guitar for $750 and pocket $2k for other music things.

that's sort of how I feel as well. I don't know how much guitar playing I'm going to be doing in the next couple of years and I'm not sure I could justify spending that much on one piece of gear...
Now I want a EGC2000 bass...
I regret not ordering one years ago when they were doing the full range of custom options and the GBP was good against the USD.

Ah well.

very frustrating
Where the heck is Kingnimrod on this thread, he owns more than anyone I know...

I own 4 of their guitars:

One of the original "King Buzzo" guitars in polished aluminum finish, that I ordered immediately after playing with Buzz's.

A limited run EGC wedge. One of 16 made - I got Albini's when he changed one of the spec's on his.

An all-aluminum, all-white TB-1000 style carved body with a humbucker in the bridge and single coil in the neck

A Travis Bean 1000 Artist in black mahogany with an eboony fretboard, which is the nicest guitar that I will ever own.

If I were to get another, I'd like the TB1000s in the light blue. Playing with one of those is what made me order the other one. I like the one I have better, but you know... more guitars.

Of course you can make the argument that you can "get the job done" with cheaper guitars. That is true. I have several cheaper guitars and like all of them for one reason or another.

But the EGC/TB guitars are playable works of art. A little heavy compared to some guitars, but about the same as a Les Paul. I really like the super thin necks.

Compared to the other boutique brands and major label custom shop offerings, these are drastically UNDERpriced. Some day I predict they will be very valuable.

The old Travis Beans are cool, but the new ones are made so much better, and with consistent quality.

So, don't buy one if you are stretching financially to do so. But if it's not a stretch, don't consider any other guitar before looking at the EGCs/TBs.

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